13 May 2013


I don't like them, at all really. I love cheese and to me they don't taste like cheese. They taste like machine. And the fact that you can see those giant salt molecules, not to mention the perfect divots surrounding the border. I mean, they're okay I guess, I like snack foods and it's in the family, so they're tolerable, but not delicious or particularly recommended by myself. Ironically enough, my lovely mother (who I do love, lovingly. Please refer to previous post) purchased about the largest box I've ever seen of them this weekend. And I've been eating them compulsively. It's all very representative. Which is...silly. Everything's fine, will be fine. My life is lovely, and as someone I love and admire very must taught me today, Nothing Is Wasted. Pain is for joy to grow. I believe, and I trust. And I love, very much.
Hello Today, can't wait to see you, Tomorrow.

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