14 April 2017

Getting the Part of Mrs. Tanner

Every girl needs to tell her cheesy story while flailing her hands around and squealing, so here's the transcript of how Jon and I decided to get married and stuff if you'd like to read it. 

July 2015 - First Met
As a missionary for the LDS church in the Japan, I first met Elder Tanner (code name: Jon Tanner) at a conference in Fukutoku, Japan, where we were welcomed our new mission president. We shook hands and ate delicious lunch with 145 other missionaries!
For six weeks, Jon and I both worked in the Matsumoto Branch in November 2015. We were good friends there (riiiight, "friends" ;) [no really, just friends who both had not great haircuts] uh huh, sure), and it was a little sad to say Goodbye to him, just like every elder and sister who goes home. However, I did not expect to see him again.
The following January, as a junior at BYU, he emailed me with a couple updates about "real" life, and how much better it is to be in missionary life. We exchanged a few mission experiences, and a month after I had returned, he called and asked me out to breakfast. Because, you know, he was going to the SLC Airport anyway, so why not?


April 20, 2016 - First Date
When he came to pick me up, my parents where instantly gawking at his handsomeness, telling me that I really scored. Which I failed to notice right away, as far as I was concerned, his first name was still "Elder."
We enjoyed French toast at Kneaders with a surprisingly comfortable conversation to go along with it (nervous?? I'm not nervous. I just can't remember how to speak English, that's all).
The date lasted a record-breaking 53 minutes before he was on the plane to visit his new niece in Arizona (I'm starting to think you just wanted a ride to the airport).

All the pictures of our first few dates are just of Jon, because if you take together that's when you're official, right?

May 3, 2016 - It's official
After his cousin, Ellis' wedding reception at the Utah state capitol, we sat on the bench above the hill looking over the city.
"Will you be my girlfriend?"
(Ten minutes later)
*Rolls down car window*
Jon Tanner!

July 4, 2016 - The "L" Word
We were on his sister's porch in Arizona, and I was standing on a big rock so I could actually see his eyes.  Who wouldn't melt in those gorgeous, endless barrels of root beer?
 We took the weekend to visit his family in Arizona, which was marvelous, since I hadn't met his siblings yet. They're all really fantastic. 
Falling in love with Jon was very simple and joyful, but definitely a decision. I had been pondering what I was feeling for a few weeks, and when he said it to me, sincerely but allegedly on a whim, my heart exploded (no fireworks necessary) and I knew I loved him too (sorry about the layer of cheese you have to peel off your eyes after reading that). 

Arizona was too hot and Jon's fan was too cool to handle!

pssst hiden mesej 2 jon i love you

October 29, 2016 - Hm, what question?
Every girl has her outfit regrets, but did I have to blow it on the day I got ENGAGED? Luckily boys don't care what you wear very much as long as you smell like a human (seriously, how do we spend so much time praying over which jeans to wear?!). 
I was wearing a very cute red dress all day, because I had a magic show and Jon was nice enough to come watch and carry all my things. Afterwards, we rushed to my mom's family's Halloween party (debuting our creative hero costume of "Super Late"). After the party, we had planned to go Wal-Mart to pick up some things I needed, which I tried to cancel since I was tired, but Jon insisted.  
 Everyone has those pants you wear to Wal-Mart, hoping you don't see anyone you know. It was my unfortunate decision to wear this unflattering pair of Old Faithfuls. When he turned right on the freeway toward downtown instead of left towards the store, my fashionable pride cried by my heart started throwing a party. 
After a beautiful walk around the hill above my favorite city lights, Jon had a lot of beautiful words to say and then was down on one knee. I think the residents all the way in Draper heard me say YES.

Bonus points: same shirt he wore on our first date.
Not pictured: baggy old Wal-mart pants which are now my favorite.

January 31, 2017; 10:35 a.m. - Time and All Eternity
Which is waaay longer than any Netflix series I've ever binged through. Our wedding day was truly the happiest of my life. The day my life became ours and I vowed to love Jon forever and never wear a corset again. We were married in the Salt Lake City Temple, because that was the goal we had worked for all our short lives. We knew God's temple is where you find lasting peace, joy, love, and knowledge. I married Jonathan Tanner and I'm super psyched pumped totemo ecstatic about it! He is kind, motivating, fun, and loyal. I love you Mr.! I look forward to more notable dates to come. 

Marriage is awesome. Not perfect. Perfectly awesome.

Below is our fabulous wedding video, created my the phenomenal Olivia Hamrick! I am immensely grateful to Olivia and each of our beloved friends and family member that made our day dreams come true on our favorite day!


19 February 2017

The Lovliest

When Jon and I began dating, my father was impressed with  a him immediately. So impressed, he worried just a bit about my  chances. He told him, "You so know she comes from clown stock, right?"
Jon just laughed and continued to support me in my work and pursuits. That is when I was able to recognize he started showing his love  for me, just how I was and what I was trying to be. I recognized it because that is the type of love I feel from Heavenly Father. Kind, unconditional, and supportive. Another way Jon shows me he loves me every day is by communicating with me well. He let me know how he feels and what he is thinking thoroughly, concisely, and consistently. We are able to be or get on the same page because he communicates so well. 

I also feel love from Heavenly Father because He communicates with me, and allows me to communicate with Him. 
In prayer, we can report to Him all our feelings and happenings. In prayer we can express thanks, and faithfully ask for blessings for ourselves and the people we love. At baptism He gives us the gift of the Holy Ghost, so He can send messages back through good feelings and experiences. He speaks clearly in words when we read His holy scriptures, and listen to the words of the modern prophet. 
I feel love through all these wonderful vessels of love, and know they truly are His words.

I have been specifically blessed by God's prophets and apostles. He calls humble and strong men and their families to serve His children, therefore Him (Mosiah 2:17). Prophets receive, study, and interpret messages from God that apply to all of His children. We can read the words of the prophets of old in the scriptures and the words of the prophets of these latter days (prophets starting with and proceeding Joseph Smith) in General Conference. In October 2011 I was a junior in high school, listening to this Conference. Elder Kazuhiko Yamashita gave a talk expressing his love for missionaries, and giving prospective missionaries three areas of focus to prepare for service: Desire, Testimony and Love. I really enjoyed this talk, wrote down those three focuses, and strove to develop them to be ready for my own missionary service one day. 
I was delighted to be called to serve in the Japan Nagoya Mission three years later. While studying in the MTC, I opened my notebook to find my notes on Elder Yamashita's three points. In that moment, I excitedly realized that Elder Yamashita was now President Yamashita, my very own mission president! I felt Heavenly Father's strongly from President Yamashita during all my time as a missionary. 

I know the words of the prophets guide us to joy and protect us from all types of harm (D&C 21:5-6). Just while a missionary, principles I learned from the prophets and apostles protected me from harm in a bike crash, sickness stopping me from work, anxiety attacks, depression bouts, and temptation for sin. 
I know President Monson loves us, and I know he receives his ability to love us like that from God. I know God called him specifically to lead us this time, this month. What he testifies of is true and we will be safe as we learn to follow Christ by following His prophets. I love Jesus. Jesus love me, and I know He lives, among us. He shows us his love through communication, healing, comfort, and so much more.