31 May 2015

Miracle of the Week!

Yesterday we found two new investigators! Actually, they found us. During companionship study yesterday we received a call from Brother Miura, who informed us that here were two girls at the church who wanted to talk to sister missionaries. We biked over there quickly to discover a former investigator from last summer and her friend. She came asking if she could start hearing the lessons from the missionaries again. We talked about the Book of Mormon, Heavenly Father, and set an appointment for Saturday.  She even shared with us her favorite scripture. Truly a miracle! Prayers are answered. 
In Kariya we have met exceptionally kind members. The sisters who run Eikwaiwa are amazing! Wonderful spirits and so nice to the missionaries. We also had the opportunity to teach a lesson about modesty to the Young Women on Saturday. It was surreal to see those young girls, doing personal progress and thinking about going on a mission just like I was. That feels like just yesterday! 
 Peace out team, and keep being missionaries. 

Have a great week!
Sister Brewer

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24 May 2015

A Nihonjin, Gaijin, and Beanchan Walk into a Sushi Bar...

Hello adoring fans (Mom and Dad) !
Guess what? Another rather shocking transfer call came last week!
Brought to you by: Hastening the Work.
On Friday we became and tripanionship! Three sisters, one
companionship! We now have Sister Aso from Hokkaido. She is the
awesome ^.^ other small plot twist is we are working in Okazaki AND
Kariya. Two areas! Two wards! Whoooo! Don't ever get comfortable on a
mission folks, you
will be turned upside down right when you're not expecting it! Change
is awesome. Haha so
that has been an adventure, we spent these past few days in Okazaki
and tomorrow we are going to Kariya. And because of events going back
and forth about three more times this weekend! It really is
cool teaching as three! It's kind of crowded but really fun and I am
so grateful to be living with a Japanese companion again! Nothing else
earth shattering occurred this week but we did get to teach THREE
lessons to less
active families last night that was a miracle!