19 August 2009

Ode to Summer (and Goodbye Poem)

School is certainly amiss
To summer we must blow a kiss
To the free and fun times we had
While we were so jubilant and glad
No worries, no haste
Just time to waste
Doing what we teens do best- procrastinate
But with a good-bye, always comes a hello,
To books, teachers, studies and questionable Jell-O
This hello must be exuberant, positive and ecstatic
Homework's coming fast, so we've got to crack right at it
Don't fret, it's not good-bye forever
Work hard this year, truly endeavor
Summer'll be back before you know it, your fun little friend
Just remember, it isn't really the end

"No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn." -Hal Borland