24 June 2009

Alphabet Excitement!

Here are some things I am excited for! [starting with each letter of the alphabet]
August 24; the first day of school 
Books to read
Crazy and fun randomness
Deseret Industries visit to buy overalls 
Extreme reading of Monte Cristo
Family Reunions
Girl's Camp
Hanging out with friends
Ice Cream
Just sitting around
Katelyn's birthday
Lucky Charms cereal
Musical of next year
Ninth Grade
Piano Lessons
Quiet times to write 
Retro and scary fun clothing
SBO Secretary work
Three AM coke
Umbrella usage (please rain again)
Very brightly colored gel pens
Watermelon (sour patch and the actual fruit)
Youth Conference
Zach, Dalton, Kaitie, Amanda, Meg, Chelsea, Cami and all my other friends

13 June 2009

Rain. . . Rain. . .

Clouds swiftly, suspiciously gather together with task.
They begin with a drop, wearing the little sprinkle mask.
All of they sudden they pour their souls out onto you,
Cleansing your soul, making it a whole person new.
Eternal buckets stream down,
On my nose, and all over my town.
Another delivery is made, right from the sky.
Lightning strikes, I don't know how or why.
The exciting, electrifying thrill fills me completely,
As the rain continues to sing, so sweetly.
I listen intently, as I count slowly to two,
Waiting for thunder, hoping it's not close, or maybe, just maybe, I do.