15 November 2011

That Awkward Moment When. . .

It's become a phrase popular enough. Why is it that people feel "awkward"? What is awkward? Are we slowly evolving into less and less personal communication that when confronted with a challenging situation we blush and tweet about it? Or do we simply like to chuckle at our fairly sarcastic lives once in a while? Nevertheless, this was a list worth gathering and conjuring. Some are experiences of my own, others from dear friends of mine. Feel free to add on; to be continued.

That awkward moment when...
1. You say "Happy Birthday" to someone a day early.
2. "You try to pass someone in a narrow hall, and both of you keep choosing the same direction to pass."
3. "You say goodbye to someone, and make it way sincere, and then both of you leave in the same direction."
4. You don't understand why your hair isn't curling, then you plug in the iron.
5. "You're about to make a comment about someone when you see they're still in the room."
6. You are the only one with loud breakfast in Seminary.
7. You laugh for courtesy, still don't understand the joke, but then laugh harder as if it just clicked.
8. You lock yourself out of a church you don't belong to.
9. Your Physics teacher isn't sure how to pronounce "buck teeth."
10. "Your castmate throws a water bottle and it bounces off your spine."
11. Your history teacher reminds you of your parents.
12. Everyone thinks Snape is Harry's father.
13. You sent the "I love you" text to someone besides your mom.
14. Someone says "hi!" and you respond with "Fine, how are you?"
15. Someone suggests you and your cousin should date each other.
16. When you don't relate to the "that awkward moment when..." someone just said.
17. You show up to church an hour earlier on Daylight Savings.
18. You and your friend go for a different greeting handshake in the hallway.

Awkward |ˈôkwərd| [adj] causing or feeling embarrassment or inconvenience; uncomfortable or abnormal