29 February 2016

Dendo Headliners

If they published a newspaper for each day of the week, here's what they headlines would say! But I'm not sure, because I don't read the newspaper, because I'm a missionary. Book of Mormon for days. Like. Every day.

Monday: Sisters Rejected Even Harder Whilst Trying Out New Family History Approach But Eventually Finds Golden Brazilian Family To Teach

Tuesday: Less Active Member Stands Mid-Lesson and Declares "We Are Going to the Culture Festival!"

Wednesday: Investigator Makes Major Breakthrough With Holy Ghost-Feeling Experience

Thursday: True Church of Christ Restored By Joseph Smith and Sisters Given Opportunity to Testify About it To Amazing Recent Converts

Friday: Brazilian Member Requests Sister Brewer Cook Six Large Steaks 'American Style;' Sister Brewer Has Never Made Steak

Saturday: Japanese Family Serves Missionaries Hamburgers Standing 30 Centimeters High

Sunday: 85-year-old Woman Sisters Spoke To On The Sidewalk Thursday Suddenly Shows Up At Church

And that's the Gospel Truth! Actually, Jesus Christ is our Savior and loves you. That's actually the Gospel Truth.

21 February 2016

I Eat Wind For Breakfast

Hello Kind Readers!
How was your week?
My favorite moment this week was yesterday!
A great member invited us to her home up in Toyokawa for dinner.
No authentic crazy Japanese foods ladies, she MADE tortillas and we
had slammin soft tacos! Her non-member mother happened to be there,
and she had a lot of great questions about Christianity. It wasn't too
crazy, but we were able to do some simple, direct testifying about the
savior and it felt SO good! The spirit of God, like a fire is burning
here in the field because He LIVES! I remembered in my past life that
I did a lot of acting and theatre and stuff. Some skills I learned
there have been rather useful here in the field! Sometimes the play
you're in is lots rainbow sunshine and happy scenes and sometimes it's
tragic or boring. Usually you just have to act like you have your act
together. However, I think acting isn't about pretending to be what
you're not, it's about creating the character you want to come. I love
the work.
That is all.
I love you.
John 16:33

Our CITY! :)

07 February 2016

Japanese Hearts and Brazilian Dinner Tables

Dearest Mom, Dad, Katelyn, and Eavesdroppers,
Hey it's me! Sister Brewer in the Japan Nagoya Mission. Currently
stationed in Toyohashi city, working happily but you haven't heard
much about it recently, sorry! We have been delightfully busy, and
sometimes even busy with the things we want to be busy with.
We had lessons this week!
In Japan:
We've been teaching English/Gospel lessons to a sweet, spunky woman
who loves the church but doesn't want to join it. You know, which
we've heard a couple of times. She's really nice but has been pretty
closed off. In this weeks lesson, Suleman and I were trying really
hard to decide what she needed. It's all the same as other machine
stories that you've heard from me and other missionaries… We prayed
really hard, tried to feel the spirit, and felt it! I taught the
lesson and it wasn't perfect but it went really well. We were able to
feel the spirit and she opened up a little bit more. Little by little
people! People open up. It sounds cliche until you experience it, but
faith and hope and people and in the Lord are so important.
On Friday, we were leaving a Kentucky from a meeting, and getting on
the train. We talked to a cute high school student who She was on her
way out. Turns out she had met the Okazaki sisters a few times last
month! I told her to call them when she had time. Well, she actually
did! Turns out that she goes to school in Okazaki but lives in
Toyohashi. Last school year, she stayed in St. George Utah with a
Mormon family and attended Doctrine and Covenants seminary, girls
camp, trek, the missionary lessons thrice, and church every single
Sunday. I think she beats me. She's in a really intense choir at her
school, so she usually has rehearsals on Sunday. However, she had this
week off, so she decided that she wanted to try to see what church was
like in Japan. She was so thrilled to find out that there was a church
in Toyohashi, that she came right away, and she was so fashionable! A
seriously cute outfit. Afterwards, she said she finally knew it was
missing from her weekends.

Today a less active member is coming to the church to dress us up in
kimonos! There is a very fancy particular way to do it, don't you
know. We are very excited. Stay tuned for those photos.

In Brasil:
Monday we had an appointment with a woman our ageish with the cutest
two year old toddler. You know, after we partied with her at the huge
Aeon mall for Pday. She had actually read her Book of Mormon
assignments AND answered the questions we wrote down for her AND wrote
down additional questions AND didn't come to church. You can't have
it all. But she is really progressing. Yay!

On Tuesday we had a dinner appointment at sister Irmã Arataque's
house, who makes ridiculously miraculous beautiful lovely gorgeous
Brazilian scrumptious food. Did I say it was delicious? Okay, so she's
making the food, and the particular pot that she's using to make the
dish, apparently is not working properly. So she asks us to run over
to the apartment next to hers, to another member's house, and ask to
borrow hers. We get there, they're so surprised to see us, and
immediately start making Brazilian pizza and heating up the oven
rapidly. We're trying to frantically explained that we are, but they
INSIST we partake of their pizza before returning. 30 minutes later we
are hobbling back to Irmã Arataque's is house, full of scarfed down
Brazilian pizza and grape juice. She was worried we wouldn't come
back, and said, "I knew I shouldn't have sent you there." And kept
cooking concoctions of celestial smells.
(I think. I still haven't miraculously learned Portuguese.)
Someone we made room for three helpings of the masterpiece she
created. I don't know what any of it was called, but it was delicious!

I testify that God, Jesus Christ is in charge of this work, which
involves all of us. Our job is to find out what we need to do to make
the plan work. We all have a part, we all fit in and will come out
happy. I love purely this gospel more than I even know.
I love you!

Those flattering moments.