21 February 2016

I Eat Wind For Breakfast

Hello Kind Readers!
How was your week?
My favorite moment this week was yesterday!
A great member invited us to her home up in Toyokawa for dinner.
No authentic crazy Japanese foods ladies, she MADE tortillas and we
had slammin soft tacos! Her non-member mother happened to be there,
and she had a lot of great questions about Christianity. It wasn't too
crazy, but we were able to do some simple, direct testifying about the
savior and it felt SO good! The spirit of God, like a fire is burning
here in the field because He LIVES! I remembered in my past life that
I did a lot of acting and theatre and stuff. Some skills I learned
there have been rather useful here in the field! Sometimes the play
you're in is lots rainbow sunshine and happy scenes and sometimes it's
tragic or boring. Usually you just have to act like you have your act
together. However, I think acting isn't about pretending to be what
you're not, it's about creating the character you want to come. I love
the work.
That is all.
I love you.
John 16:33

Our CITY! :)

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