14 April 2017

Getting the Part of Mrs. Tanner

Every girl needs to tell her cheesy story while flailing her hands around and squealing, so here's the transcript of how Jon and I decided to get married and stuff if you'd like to read it. 

July 2015 - First Met
As a missionary for the LDS church in the Japan, I first met Elder Tanner (code name: Jon Tanner) at a conference in Fukutoku, Japan, where we were welcomed our new mission president. We shook hands and ate delicious lunch with 145 other missionaries!
For six weeks, Jon and I both worked in the Matsumoto Branch in November 2015. We were good friends there (riiiight, "friends" ;) [no really, just friends who both had not great haircuts] uh huh, sure), and it was a little sad to say Goodbye to him, just like every elder and sister who goes home. However, I did not expect to see him again.
The following January, as a junior at BYU, he emailed me with a couple updates about "real" life, and how much better it is to be in missionary life. We exchanged a few mission experiences, and a month after I had returned, he called and asked me out to breakfast. Because, you know, he was going to the SLC Airport anyway, so why not?


April 20, 2016 - First Date
When he came to pick me up, my parents where instantly gawking at his handsomeness, telling me that I really scored. Which I failed to notice right away, as far as I was concerned, his first name was still "Elder."
We enjoyed French toast at Kneaders with a surprisingly comfortable conversation to go along with it (nervous?? I'm not nervous. I just can't remember how to speak English, that's all).
The date lasted a record-breaking 53 minutes before he was on the plane to visit his new niece in Arizona (I'm starting to think you just wanted a ride to the airport).

All the pictures of our first few dates are just of Jon, because if you take together that's when you're official, right?

May 3, 2016 - It's official
After his cousin, Ellis' wedding reception at the Utah state capitol, we sat on the bench above the hill looking over the city.
"Will you be my girlfriend?"
(Ten minutes later)
*Rolls down car window*
Jon Tanner!

July 4, 2016 - The "L" Word
We were on his sister's porch in Arizona, and I was standing on a big rock so I could actually see his eyes.  Who wouldn't melt in those gorgeous, endless barrels of root beer?
 We took the weekend to visit his family in Arizona, which was marvelous, since I hadn't met his siblings yet. They're all really fantastic. 
Falling in love with Jon was very simple and joyful, but definitely a decision. I had been pondering what I was feeling for a few weeks, and when he said it to me, sincerely but allegedly on a whim, my heart exploded (no fireworks necessary) and I knew I loved him too (sorry about the layer of cheese you have to peel off your eyes after reading that). 

Arizona was too hot and Jon's fan was too cool to handle!

pssst hiden mesej 2 jon i love you

October 29, 2016 - Hm, what question?
Every girl has her outfit regrets, but did I have to blow it on the day I got ENGAGED? Luckily boys don't care what you wear very much as long as you smell like a human (seriously, how do we spend so much time praying over which jeans to wear?!). 
I was wearing a very cute red dress all day, because I had a magic show and Jon was nice enough to come watch and carry all my things. Afterwards, we rushed to my mom's family's Halloween party (debuting our creative hero costume of "Super Late"). After the party, we had planned to go Wal-Mart to pick up some things I needed, which I tried to cancel since I was tired, but Jon insisted.  
 Everyone has those pants you wear to Wal-Mart, hoping you don't see anyone you know. It was my unfortunate decision to wear this unflattering pair of Old Faithfuls. When he turned right on the freeway toward downtown instead of left towards the store, my fashionable pride cried by my heart started throwing a party. 
After a beautiful walk around the hill above my favorite city lights, Jon had a lot of beautiful words to say and then was down on one knee. I think the residents all the way in Draper heard me say YES.

Bonus points: same shirt he wore on our first date.
Not pictured: baggy old Wal-mart pants which are now my favorite.

January 31, 2017; 10:35 a.m. - Time and All Eternity
Which is waaay longer than any Netflix series I've ever binged through. Our wedding day was truly the happiest of my life. The day my life became ours and I vowed to love Jon forever and never wear a corset again. We were married in the Salt Lake City Temple, because that was the goal we had worked for all our short lives. We knew God's temple is where you find lasting peace, joy, love, and knowledge. I married Jonathan Tanner and I'm super psyched pumped totemo ecstatic about it! He is kind, motivating, fun, and loyal. I love you Mr.! I look forward to more notable dates to come. 

Marriage is awesome. Not perfect. Perfectly awesome.

Below is our fabulous wedding video, created my the phenomenal Olivia Hamrick! I am immensely grateful to Olivia and each of our beloved friends and family member that made our day dreams come true on our favorite day!


19 February 2017

The Lovliest

When Jon and I began dating, my father was impressed with  a him immediately. So impressed, he worried just a bit about my  chances. He told him, "You so know she comes from clown stock, right?"
Jon just laughed and continued to support me in my work and pursuits. That is when I was able to recognize he started showing his love  for me, just how I was and what I was trying to be. I recognized it because that is the type of love I feel from Heavenly Father. Kind, unconditional, and supportive. Another way Jon shows me he loves me every day is by communicating with me well. He let me know how he feels and what he is thinking thoroughly, concisely, and consistently. We are able to be or get on the same page because he communicates so well. 

I also feel love from Heavenly Father because He communicates with me, and allows me to communicate with Him. 
In prayer, we can report to Him all our feelings and happenings. In prayer we can express thanks, and faithfully ask for blessings for ourselves and the people we love. At baptism He gives us the gift of the Holy Ghost, so He can send messages back through good feelings and experiences. He speaks clearly in words when we read His holy scriptures, and listen to the words of the modern prophet. 
I feel love through all these wonderful vessels of love, and know they truly are His words.

I have been specifically blessed by God's prophets and apostles. He calls humble and strong men and their families to serve His children, therefore Him (Mosiah 2:17). Prophets receive, study, and interpret messages from God that apply to all of His children. We can read the words of the prophets of old in the scriptures and the words of the prophets of these latter days (prophets starting with and proceeding Joseph Smith) in General Conference. In October 2011 I was a junior in high school, listening to this Conference. Elder Kazuhiko Yamashita gave a talk expressing his love for missionaries, and giving prospective missionaries three areas of focus to prepare for service: Desire, Testimony and Love. I really enjoyed this talk, wrote down those three focuses, and strove to develop them to be ready for my own missionary service one day. 
I was delighted to be called to serve in the Japan Nagoya Mission three years later. While studying in the MTC, I opened my notebook to find my notes on Elder Yamashita's three points. In that moment, I excitedly realized that Elder Yamashita was now President Yamashita, my very own mission president! I felt Heavenly Father's strongly from President Yamashita during all my time as a missionary. 

I know the words of the prophets guide us to joy and protect us from all types of harm (D&C 21:5-6). Just while a missionary, principles I learned from the prophets and apostles protected me from harm in a bike crash, sickness stopping me from work, anxiety attacks, depression bouts, and temptation for sin. 
I know President Monson loves us, and I know he receives his ability to love us like that from God. I know God called him specifically to lead us this time, this month. What he testifies of is true and we will be safe as we learn to follow Christ by following His prophets. I love Jesus. Jesus love me, and I know He lives, among us. He shows us his love through communication, healing, comfort, and so much more.  

02 December 2016

The Ordinary Extra

Ah, the Pirouette Club dance recital. Toddlers and tutus and tantrums, oh my!  Semi-annual events give me a that consistent, nostalgic tool to string my days together and reflect on changes and blessings. Today, at this dance recital, I am engaged to the man of my daydreams and evening prayers, Jon. At the last dance recital, we had been dating for a whopping three days! At the recital before that, we were both missionaries in Matsumoto, Japan. And at the recital before that, we hadn't even met yet.

I wonder how if God measures His time. I suppose it's all one eternal round for Him! I am grateful for the piece of that He has given me to have a body and a fantastic family and meet Jon and learn the mysteries of His universe. I am also grateful He gave me a mom to teach me to dance.

17 November 2016

The Art of Hearing Heartbeats

Book Review!
The Art of Hearing Heartbeats
by Jan-Phillipp Sendker

Image result for the art of hearing heartbeats

An enchanting romantic story, starring a Burmese handicapped couple, discovered by his daughter and  told by an onlooker. The writing style is scrumptious and I tip my hat to the translator. I give it an A and recommend it for a hearty vacation read.

12 June 2016

Konnichiwa from the Other Side (ただいま!)

Returning missionaries compare going home from the field to death, which is rather dramatic. We have built this new life, and sometimes a new person based on that little white book and big-deal of a blue book. We are on a now-familiar, stringent 16-hour work schedule and most of us have come to really enjoy it. We are blessed with plenty of time to study the gospel and many opportunities to bear testimony.
You are doing all that one day, and then tomorrow comes and you step off an airplane into another world, different from the new environment and loved ones you have grown in and close to. It's all snatched away at once.
It's kind of like...going on a mission in the first place! Ahahaha, everything is an interesting eternal round. I didn't quite feel like I died coming home, but it was very strange. The mission seems like a short, wonderful, weird dream I had. 

The good news is, it was real! Real, just like real life; the mission was exciting, beautiful, very difficult, confusing, strengthening, challenging, loving, and full of evidence of God. 
As a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I was called to serve in Nagoya, Japan. The cities I worked in were Okazaki, Kariya, and Toyohashi of Aichi Prefecture; and Nagano and Matsumoto of Nagano Prefecture. 
The weather was similar to Utah, four seasons with increased humidity. We traveled by bicycle, train, and a good amount of sweat or rain! My companions and I met and taught many humble, kind, passionate, Christlike Japanese people, along with people from Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, China, Korea, Vietnam, Egypt, the Philippines, USA, Thailand, and Morocco. I proselyted in Japanese, but was also assigned to study and teach in Portuguese for the last three months of the mission.
My mission presidents: President and Sister Yamashita, and President and Sister Ishii, are each native to Japan and provided excellent examples of the type of missionary I wanted to be. I remember consistently feeling immense love from them and learned much about diligence, consecration, love, and teaching from them. I served with nine different companions, learning something important about Jesus Christ from each of them. I can honestly report that I love each of my companions dearly.

A highlight of my time as a full-time missionary was the opportunity to testify of Jesus Christ every day. I am grateful for truth to testify of, and doing so gave me an electric feeling I absolutely love. Feeling the Holy Ghost with people, watching Christ change them, therefore being inspired by them. That's magic!

What anyone will tell any "discouraged" missionary is that your efforts are not measured by your results. Of course not. We can't make any conclusion like that because we have such a minuscule view of this thing as humans. No one can or does promise you "baptisms" as a missionary. As a missionary, your purpose is to help people develop the faith to be baptized, and keep those commitments eternally. No one my companions and I talked to or taught have been baptized yet, and sometimes that made me feel like a lousy missionary. Somedays, I probably was a lousy missionary. That's why I am grateful for repentance, and the Atonement. God commanded me to do something I wasn't able to do as a missionary in Japan. Though it meant I failed, if I didn't put all I could into accomplishing that purpose just because I knew I wouldn't be able to do it, I wouldn't have done what He needed, become what He needed me to do. If I knew I wouldn't see baptisms, I wouldn't have worked for baptisms, and learned so much on the way. That's also not what we're working for, baptisms. We are working for people, for Christ. The works, and the designs, and the purposes of God cannot be frustrated, neither can they come to naught. (Doctrine and Covenants 3:1) 
I testify that what He commands us IS what is best and right and eternally progressive. He can see it. He lets us see what we need to as we grow along. He teaches us the answers to the questions He will ask us. 
Going on a mission was a rewarding experience and the right thing for me. I am grateful for the way it has influenced my character and decision. I am happy to be back in the SLC and love being a muggle as well! I hope to always be a missionary. I love God and His many creations. Jesus loves us, He is among us.
Brooklyn 姉妹

29 February 2016

Dendo Headliners

If they published a newspaper for each day of the week, here's what they headlines would say! But I'm not sure, because I don't read the newspaper, because I'm a missionary. Book of Mormon for days. Like. Every day.

Monday: Sisters Rejected Even Harder Whilst Trying Out New Family History Approach But Eventually Finds Golden Brazilian Family To Teach

Tuesday: Less Active Member Stands Mid-Lesson and Declares "We Are Going to the Culture Festival!"

Wednesday: Investigator Makes Major Breakthrough With Holy Ghost-Feeling Experience

Thursday: True Church of Christ Restored By Joseph Smith and Sisters Given Opportunity to Testify About it To Amazing Recent Converts

Friday: Brazilian Member Requests Sister Brewer Cook Six Large Steaks 'American Style;' Sister Brewer Has Never Made Steak

Saturday: Japanese Family Serves Missionaries Hamburgers Standing 30 Centimeters High

Sunday: 85-year-old Woman Sisters Spoke To On The Sidewalk Thursday Suddenly Shows Up At Church

And that's the Gospel Truth! Actually, Jesus Christ is our Savior and loves you. That's actually the Gospel Truth.

21 February 2016

I Eat Wind For Breakfast

Hello Kind Readers!
How was your week?
My favorite moment this week was yesterday!
A great member invited us to her home up in Toyokawa for dinner.
No authentic crazy Japanese foods ladies, she MADE tortillas and we
had slammin soft tacos! Her non-member mother happened to be there,
and she had a lot of great questions about Christianity. It wasn't too
crazy, but we were able to do some simple, direct testifying about the
savior and it felt SO good! The spirit of God, like a fire is burning
here in the field because He LIVES! I remembered in my past life that
I did a lot of acting and theatre and stuff. Some skills I learned
there have been rather useful here in the field! Sometimes the play
you're in is lots rainbow sunshine and happy scenes and sometimes it's
tragic or boring. Usually you just have to act like you have your act
together. However, I think acting isn't about pretending to be what
you're not, it's about creating the character you want to come. I love
the work.
That is all.
I love you.
John 16:33

Our CITY! :)

07 February 2016

Japanese Hearts and Brazilian Dinner Tables

Dearest Mom, Dad, Katelyn, and Eavesdroppers,
Hey it's me! Sister Brewer in the Japan Nagoya Mission. Currently
stationed in Toyohashi city, working happily but you haven't heard
much about it recently, sorry! We have been delightfully busy, and
sometimes even busy with the things we want to be busy with.
We had lessons this week!
In Japan:
We've been teaching English/Gospel lessons to a sweet, spunky woman
who loves the church but doesn't want to join it. You know, which
we've heard a couple of times. She's really nice but has been pretty
closed off. In this weeks lesson, Suleman and I were trying really
hard to decide what she needed. It's all the same as other machine
stories that you've heard from me and other missionaries… We prayed
really hard, tried to feel the spirit, and felt it! I taught the
lesson and it wasn't perfect but it went really well. We were able to
feel the spirit and she opened up a little bit more. Little by little
people! People open up. It sounds cliche until you experience it, but
faith and hope and people and in the Lord are so important.
On Friday, we were leaving a Kentucky from a meeting, and getting on
the train. We talked to a cute high school student who She was on her
way out. Turns out she had met the Okazaki sisters a few times last
month! I told her to call them when she had time. Well, she actually
did! Turns out that she goes to school in Okazaki but lives in
Toyohashi. Last school year, she stayed in St. George Utah with a
Mormon family and attended Doctrine and Covenants seminary, girls
camp, trek, the missionary lessons thrice, and church every single
Sunday. I think she beats me. She's in a really intense choir at her
school, so she usually has rehearsals on Sunday. However, she had this
week off, so she decided that she wanted to try to see what church was
like in Japan. She was so thrilled to find out that there was a church
in Toyohashi, that she came right away, and she was so fashionable! A
seriously cute outfit. Afterwards, she said she finally knew it was
missing from her weekends.

Today a less active member is coming to the church to dress us up in
kimonos! There is a very fancy particular way to do it, don't you
know. We are very excited. Stay tuned for those photos.

In Brasil:
Monday we had an appointment with a woman our ageish with the cutest
two year old toddler. You know, after we partied with her at the huge
Aeon mall for Pday. She had actually read her Book of Mormon
assignments AND answered the questions we wrote down for her AND wrote
down additional questions AND didn't come to church. You can't have
it all. But she is really progressing. Yay!

On Tuesday we had a dinner appointment at sister Irmã Arataque's
house, who makes ridiculously miraculous beautiful lovely gorgeous
Brazilian scrumptious food. Did I say it was delicious? Okay, so she's
making the food, and the particular pot that she's using to make the
dish, apparently is not working properly. So she asks us to run over
to the apartment next to hers, to another member's house, and ask to
borrow hers. We get there, they're so surprised to see us, and
immediately start making Brazilian pizza and heating up the oven
rapidly. We're trying to frantically explained that we are, but they
INSIST we partake of their pizza before returning. 30 minutes later we
are hobbling back to Irmã Arataque's is house, full of scarfed down
Brazilian pizza and grape juice. She was worried we wouldn't come
back, and said, "I knew I shouldn't have sent you there." And kept
cooking concoctions of celestial smells.
(I think. I still haven't miraculously learned Portuguese.)
Someone we made room for three helpings of the masterpiece she
created. I don't know what any of it was called, but it was delicious!

I testify that God, Jesus Christ is in charge of this work, which
involves all of us. Our job is to find out what we need to do to make
the plan work. We all have a part, we all fit in and will come out
happy. I love purely this gospel more than I even know.
I love you!

Those flattering moments.

11 January 2016

A VERY bad poem

And an unfortunate rhyme scheme.
Love, Brewer Shimai

This day has been busy
So quickly I'll write
Because I'm to dizzy
To have a keyboard fight

Tuesday was quick as sneeze
Silmara's first lesson was great
It was all in Portuguese,
But the Spirit? You don't need to Translate .

Wednesday NO ONE was home
But at night we had English Class
Some of those students (some)
Really have sass.

Thursday my comp and I exchanged
Sister Owada came with me
There's only the kindest people
Here in Toyohashi

Friday I gave up on Rhyming
We had a nice ZTM
Could have been better
But I'm grateful for each of them.

Saturday was DELICIOUS
We made, like, so much mochi
We met a new investigator
And that was like YOSHI!!

And Sunday was good too.

I love being a senkyoushi!
And for this brand new Toshi,
Let us remember our Savior
Who did us the grandest favor.

I sure love you!
And God does, too.


03 January 2016

Miracle on Sesame Street

This week we had a member appointment EVERY SINGLE DAY! Can you even
imagine? We had a great time teaching practice lessons to them, it was
a really good chance for me and sister Lima to get some good practice
teaching with each other. Toyohashi Ward is full of absolutely
incredible people, great testimonies, interesting stories, superb
cooking skills, and generous hearts.
On Sunday the Bishop and his wife brought us muffins from their recent
trip to COSTCO! Oh man, I don't know about yours, but my breakfast was

We were blessed to meet and teach some sensational children in the
families this week. When we are around the Japanese kids, my heart
beings to play this beautiful, simple, cheery melody with a piano and
harps and the cello and other happy instruments. Then the whole things
gets very warm and kind of smiles inside my chest. I believe we call
that the Holy Ghost. I'm very grateful for the gift thereof, and the
proper priesthood authority in my life to have given it to me. I am
thankful for my Heavenly Father sharing with me His pure and
remarkable children. I can understand a little bit more when Christ
20 ...Blessed are ye because of your faith. And now behold, my joy is full.

21 And when he had said these words, he wept, and the multitude bare
record of it, and he took their little children, one by one, and
blessed them, and prayed unto the Father for them.

22 And when he had done this he wept again;

23 And he spake unto the multitude, and said unto them: Behold your little
22 Therefore, whoso repenteth and cometh unto me as a little child,
him will I receive, for of such is the kingdom of God. Behold, for
such I have laid down my life, and have taken it up again; therefore
repent, and come unto me ye ends of the earth, and be saved.

3 Nephi 17; 9, Book of Mormon.
I know this is true. I love you!

27 December 2015

The Merriest!

Christmas Day was magical! I am so grateful for Wi-Fi at the church
and my iPad and Skype (OK we are way too lucky), so I could talk to my
wonderful family in the morning! I receive so much power from your
testimony and support, thank you times eternity. After that we went
with Matsuno Shimai and our investigator Kobayashi San to a very
short orchestra concert. It was two lovely women one who played the
piano, the other the cello. my two favorite instruments! Such a
special treat. Afterwards we went to thank them for bringing the
Christmas spirit to our hearts, and they got talking about our
purpose, and they thought it was so cool how we were teaching about
the real meaning of Christmas. They were even more excited when we
said that they would that we would teach their kids English for free.
So it turned out to be a great finding opportunity! After that Matsuno
Shimai took us to a café to visit her friend who runs the place. Her
daughter actually just returned from doing a homestay in Ogden Utah
where she stayed with, you guessed it, a good old Mormon family! She's
been to temple square and everything! Their family is coming to
Eikaiwa on Wednesday, we're so excited to see them again. I'm so
grateful for the members being willing to introduce us to their
friends here! Feeling their trust is such a remarkable happy heart
On Sunday we went to the Nakajima Family's for dinner. SO MUCH
DELICIOUS AS ALWAYS. Their daughter Chie served a mission in Temple
Square, and her first companion Leslie from Michigan was there to
visit. It was such a fun warm happy family feeling for the evening. We
were able to share a message with a little magic, so much fun. I loved
hearing about missionary life in Salt Lake City. It was so
interesting! The transfers are so dramatic, because usually it's
something like "you're transferring from the South Visitor Center
to... the North Visitor Center!" But, sometimes when it's not so busy,
they actually get transferred to other missions! So Leslie served in
Minnesota for two transfers and Chie spent some time in North
Carolina! Crazy right?
I hope you want to read my testimony, because here it comes again. I
know that Joseph Smith is the man chosen by God to become a prophet,
restore the true and only church of Jesus Christ, our Savior and
Redeemer. The church is organized and run directly by God and Jesus
Christ, through tools in their hands like prophets, apostles, bishops,
leaders, families, and missionaries. I know we are an important part
of Heavenly Father's eternal family. He will lead us to eternal joy as
we support Him in His great and marvelous work in this last
dispensation. That's what it's all about, eternal happy families.
In the name of Jesus Christ, my Brother, Amen.


20 December 2015


Merry Christmas from the Matsumoto District!
Okay, finally I will write a letter.
On Tuesday we met at the golden clock at Nagoya Station with way too
many missionaries to all exchange companions and go to our new areas.
It's always a fun time! I met up with the one and only Sister Lima
from the Amazon in Brazil! She lives near the Manaus Temple. She is so
much fun. She also has an incredible testimony, every time she bears
it to me each day and such a simple way. I feel the spirit so
strongly. I can tell, as always, but very specially, we are going to
see a lot of miracles together in Toyohashi.
As we arrived in Toyohashi on Tuesday night, we were welcomed to our
brand-new apartment. Not just new to us, literally brand-new. We are
taking the stickers off of furniture and everything. We are so lucky!
Sister missionaries have not been here for 17 years. The ward has been
so welcoming and loving. I'm overwhelmed with the amount of love that
I'm drowning in. Sister Ishii, the mission presidents wife, called us
to ask how much food we had in the apartment. The Ward had already put
in some pasta and rice but Sister Ishii was worried about our
vegetable intake, so she called up one of her little sisters (both of
which are in this Ward), and within an hour, the Relief Society
counselor had brought over some vegetables, and Ishii Shimai's sister
took us grocery shopping the next morning. IN HER CAR. No bike
handlebar-grocery bag balancing acrobatics!
On Wednesday we had a great time at Eikaiwa, as usual. Just like in
every area, there is a widespread of very interesting folks learning
English in our church building. One of the many blessings of serving
in Japan.
Thursday our luggage finally came!
Friday we went back to Nicole information leadership conference it's
always way too much fun going to see everyone and talking about the
mission. I feel so blessed to be around such true friends, and
incredibly strong testimonies.
Saturday was the Christmas party! We were in listed to come for hours
early and help the really society cook, each of which is an incredible
woman! Of course. Because the members in Japan a rock stars. The
Christmas party was so awesome! Pretty much every member brought a
nonmember friend, and/or a less active member. Amazement. Their
interpretation of the nativity was very amusing but spiritual. Truly
our Savior was born for us!
He loves each of us. He was born free to us. That's why this time of
year is so happy, because of his selfless life and undying love for
us. Each of us can find joy in Christ. I am immensely grateful to be a
missionary. You don't know until you feel it. I am so grateful to feel
it. Wow.
A very Merry Christmas to all.


13 December 2015

Always Be Ready

I love Jesus and I love missionary work!
This week I am transferring from Matsumoto to TOYOHASHI! it's right
next to Okazaki, in the same zone I started out in. So excited for a
new adventure. I learned how important preparation is this week,
especially in 3 Nephi 4:18. We can prepare for all battles this life
will bring by studying and acting upon the words of the prophets. So,
be more ready than I was in this Zone Photo for whatever's next!
Love you!
Sister Brewer

29 November 2015

Domo! Thankful, as we all are.

Courtesy of Elder Hansen's mom. I swear my companion was in this photo.

*Adjusts mic volume, nods in apology.*

Hello, fellow saints. This week was great of course because I'm a
missionary. Too much happiness and blessings. Y'all should try it.
Sister Gunn and I had some great adventures going to really really
really far places. We went to cities like Azumino and Yamagata, such
beautiful night skies and long country roads. All the rice is
harvested and the fields are bare now, just like when I first arrived
in Japan. Weird!
All creatures of our God and King are stunning! I'm so grateful to be
in a biking mission, enjoying all the outside has to offer. I am also
extremely grateful for the spirit, which like a fire is burning and
keeping us warm.
On Wednesday we had a fun Thanksgiving party at our English class. It
was fascinating trying to describe the concept of stuffing to
everybody. They were convinced that it was disgusting and that we were
joking. Also, they couldn't understand the difference between
cranberry sauce and cranberry jam. We said a cranberry jam just didn't
exist. Is that right? I don't really know. Why do we only eat super
good food like that once a year?
On Friday, we actually had three lessons! It was so exciting! We had
district training meeting in the morning and actually didn't leave the
church until it was time to go home again. I felt like such a
missionary! It was a very invigorating day.
On Sunday, the Elders had a baptism. WHOO HOO! Ando Kyoudai was a
referral from his friend, Hirabayahi Kyoudai. He started taking the
lessons about a month ago and is got baptized yesterday. We know he
will stay because he has a good friend and fellowship from the ward
members. Faith is all about edifying each other with the spirit!
Member missionary work rocks! We also had Elder and Sister Murai, a
family services missionary from Kanazawa come and speak to us in
sacrament meeting. He talked a lot about member missionary work and it
was so wonderful! We were praying the members were feeling the fire.
I'm blessed with a terrific branch, companion, fellow bunch of
missionaries, Mission president and and experiences.
My ponderizing scripture for this week is probably Phillipians
3:13-14. We repent fully and gain a remission of our sins by following
the Gospel of Jesus Christ today, not worrying about what happened
yesterday. I know that as we keep our eyes on Jesus Christ and try to
emulate his attributes we will progress. This gospel is about growth
in knowledge, personal use of agency, and PROGRESS. Christ will help
us get there. All my love!


22 November 2015


We are definitely neglecting the picture taking recently, sorry. So this is an accidental screenshot of our weekly report video we send to the area presidency each week. Enjoy. (なさい?笑)
Hi fellow Organism samas.

This week was a lot of up and down, of course! Quite a few cancelled
appointments and a couple no-shows. We set a baptismal date with our
investigator Manami, which was so exciting, her desire is so pure! She
has been progressing wonderfully lately. Unfortunately, the meeting
with her parents did not go well and the date has been cancelled.
Another one of our investigators has been an investigator since 1945.
Yes! She is 91 years old, going very strong. She spoke at a public
event for seniors on Wednesday, and she talked about her experiences
with missionaries. We got to go listen which became excellent language
study and city introduction to the church! No, we can't figure out why
she hasn't gotten in the water yet.
Thursday I got to go on a companion exchange in Suwa with Sister
Tyler! I love her so much! Suwa is also impossibly beautiful, along
with the rest of Nagano Ken. We even found a cute new investigator
together, the spirit was so strong! I love meeting children of God
every day, it's a very enlightening experience. Sister Tyler also made
exceedingly delicious Omu Raisu. Yes.
Okay so thanksgiving is this week?? We were getting ready for bed and
Sister Tyler was like "wait, it's the third Thursday of November
right? Happy Thanksgiving?"
So we were belatedly/prematurely grateful. Psych.
Friday was a rocking District Training Meeting from the one and only
Elder Tanaka! He is so shy and Japanese but the meeting was excellent!
We shared about our Book of Mormon heroes. There's too many! We all
pick everyone! But you can say all the colors, that's tacky, so I
picked Mormon. His faith is immovable! He experienced so much
destruction and was humanely alone through most of his life. But, he
Covenanted when he was ten to preserve the record, and he did so very
faithfully! And look what happened! True church, living prophets,
eternal families. 1,000 points to Gryffindor (I'm assuming Mormon was
a Gryffindor, probably, right?).
On Sunday one of our new
investigators came to church! Hurrah!
I am deeply grateful for the love, faith, and support I have from you
people I love. I am grateful for mine and yours, the Savior Jesus
Christ. I'm grateful for this gospel of infinite happiness.

Much love,


08 November 2015

Yum and Yay! As always.

And that's what companions are for, taking secret pictures of your back in scenic Japan.
This week I've have a new favorite food. It's called
オムライス(omuraisu)、which is rice and vegetables in an omelette. SO GOOD.
I crave it all the time. Don't worry though, I am still fully faithful
to my kitsune udon and Mac and cheese favorites. (I'm coming up on one
whole year without eating mac and cheese, can you believe it? How is
she surviving. Faith, that's how).
Speaking of foods, we visited a really awesome member this week whose
house is hidden away in a secret beautiful mountain of smallness. I
swear we bike 200 years backwards into this little yamavillage she
lives in. That's was great! Her testimony is rocking. Japanese members
are like celebrities. They have sacrificed a lot to become members,
and they way they show their faith and pure love of Christ is
exemplary. And she fed us tsukemono. Japan has this food called
tsukemono. What would that be in English? I don't even know. Oh, I
guess pickles. Yeah, they are like pickles, but for all vegetables.
They pickle all these vegetables and feed them to you. It's not my
favorite activity.
Remember our adorable 18-year-old investigator from a few weeks ago
who was in love with the Book of Mormon as soon as we handed it to
her? Yeah, we finally got to meet with her again! She prayed for the
first time and it was magical. Yay! Happy spirit moments.
Also, we went to the Kawabata's on Thursday and she made omuraisu.
Happy food moments. Sigh. Happy.
On Friday we went to Nagoya for Mission Leadership Council Yaaaay!
President Ishii announced a mission-wide goal to have 70 more baptisms
before the end of the year, which is one per companionship! Whoo! I
felt the spirit testify really strongly to me that we can do it if we
work hard enough and have enough faith, ganbaro! At the end we knelt
in a circle and President Ishii said the prayer. POWER.
Sunday was district (like a stake but little because here) conference,
where my favorites Elder and Sister Whiting came! They gave such great
talks in Japanese!
The Book of Mormon is the word of God!
Read it, please. I testify that the promises in Mosiah 2:41 are sure,
living the teachings of Christ brings temporal and spiritual
Much love,


01 November 2015

BOO! Did I scare you? Out of Baptism? Oh.

As you know, Halloween is my very favorite holiday so I was so excited ALL week even though it's not a very big deal in Japan. However, we had successful Halloween parties for both Eikaiwa and the Branch. A lot of people came, it was so great! We didn't get the OK on costumes from the assistants until right before, so we had to run to the dollar store and see what we could do. We had a lot of fun and met a few new people with potential for gospel investigation. Yay!

Monday we had a lesson with a newer investigator who brought one of her friends! Whoo-hoo! He was listening the whole time, the spirit was strong, then we asked him to read one of the passages in the Book of Mormon. He did, then flipped through it a bit and asked, (the first thing he has said all lesson) "Hm. I need to buy myself one of these books." 
So then we gave him that one and exploded internally with joy (I feel like I type that a lot, but it happens a lot on your mission. Very hard on your internal organs, but it's okay, because we have the resurrection). We had another lesson yesterday with them, they had read thirteen chapters into first Nephi! Whoo! Introducing other commitments was a little rough but we have something to work with. 
On Tuesday we finally had Zone Conference! We were the very last for the transfer, because sometimes  they forget there is a Zone way up here in the middle of mountains. Just kidding, best for last of course! Right? Some excellent training on love, diligence and gratitude. I love President and Sister Ishii. I am learning so much about the missionary I want to be just front their example. Then they bear testimony, and the spirit is purely there. This Zone overall has just been incredible this transfer, truly it felt different. It felt like everyone's desire increased, and we were really ONE working for the cause. Whoo. It was powerful. I'm sad four missionaries are transferring out, won't be the same! But, new missionaries, new learning experiences. One of the marvelous things about missions. You meet some many people with experiences and testimonies. Glorious, really. Eternal learning hooray! Oh, and Sister Gunn and I are staying together in Matsumoto! Ha ha, for which I am grateful. I love this place!
Wednesday was English class Halloween Party, Thursday was Trainers meeting in Nagoya, and Saturday was Branch Halloween Party!  Oh, Friday. Hm...Friday was kind of a blur, plans kept changing, we met some weird (children of God) people. A 92-year-old woman insisted incessantly that we drink the coffee she was serving, that allegedly missionaries before had drank, but we politely (so, in Japanese culture, very rudely) declined. She called us later that night to say she was testing our level of Mormonaucity. We passed. Phew.
Sunday- great testimony meeting from the branch! All I can is please- bear your testimony in word and deed! Testimony is when the spirit comes in and conquers all! So POWERFUL!
This week my ponderization is in Moroni chapter 8-
25 And the first fruits of repentance is baptism; and baptism cometh by faith unto the fulfilling the commandments; and the fulfilling the commandments bringeth remission of sins;

26 And the remission of sins bringeth meekness, and lowliness of heart; and because of meekness and lowliness of heart cometh the visitation of the Holy Ghost, which Comforter filleth with hope and perfect love, which love endureth by diligence unto prayer, until the end shall come, when all the saints shall dwell with God.


26 October 2015

Matsumoto Castle!

Had a great time here, and even better time in the Book of Mormon this
morning. Check out 2 Nephi 25. Much love!

18 October 2015

Working in the Field

And by that we mean rice fields, not just the mission field, because that is a lot of what we did this week. Our Ward Mission Leader gave us a list of Less Active Members to visit, which was very much appreciated! We have spent the week looking for them. We ventured to one of the valleys of Matsumoto about two hours from the church. We got off the train and followed our all-loyal, sometimes-accurate phone map to her coordinates. The map led us up some forested hills, around a highway, and through many beautiful rice fields hovered by cascading skies of stars. Because, there are no street lights in the country, as you are aware. Or many buildings for that matter, so we were counting the rice fields on the map to try to know where to turn. But the spirit led us along, we found her house AND she was home. We taught a short lesson and were able to give her a Book of Mormon, which she hadn't seen in a while. A miracle! I'm grateful for the warm experiences I have with the spirit here, letting me know that God is truly loving and leading us. God is Our Loving Heavenly Father! 
My ponderizing scripture this week is 1 Peter 3:15:
15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.
One of the best ways to be a missionary is to be an example! Like the apostles expressed in conference, we can be a peculiar people. But if we are unwavering in our faith, and abundant in our kindness, the prepared will recognize the good in you. Shine the Light of Christ consistently and be ready to share it at any opportunity. The Spirit gives us plenty of them.
Thank you for all the love and support, I love you!
Sister Brewer



Not as sophisticated as you might think.

28 September 2015

Matsumotoooooooooooooo です。

Hello! It's been a bit of a whirlwind around here, feels
like a month since last Pday! I've been on the train more than in my
futon, but now we are all Nice and settled here in beautiful 松本!This
is the largest area in the mission, so overwhelmingly large, but it's
in Nagano Ken so it's beautiful! The weather is very slowly beginning
to cool down as well. Monday was so crazy right up to the last minute
trying to move out, create the
Trash Schedule for the Elders, cleaning, packing, appointments, blah
blah blah (or in Japanese-nani nani nani). Tuesday we had a great
session of Trainers' training in Nagoya, then I stayed with beloved
Takaku Shimai (my trainer) and Barazza Shimai in Kasugai that night.
Back to Meito in the morning where I met Sister VICTORIA GUNN, from
Jacksonville, Florida (shoutout to Alyssa). She is so genki and fun and loves the people in
Japan so much! We are going to have a radical transfer together. I can
already feel major power. Whoo! The spirit has been strong this week. I'm
so happily grateful about that. In case anyone forgot or was
wondering, being a missionary is the MOST MARVELOUS EXHILARATING
moment of your whole life, it deserves capital letters all the time.

So we rode back to Matsumoto Wednesday night, taught Eikaiwa and then
the Elders led us to our new apartment. Good news! It is pretty much
clean and only smells a little bit weird! The four Elders have
actually been a huge help every day this week, we appreciate it so
much. We dropped our luggage, went to sleep, but got right back on the
bus again Thursday afternoon since I had Leadership Council Friday
morning. We decided to take the bus since it was cheaper. But it was
two hours longer, total of five, so we decided that was not worth it
again and rode the train back up Friday night.

The miracle-tastic part is we found a new investigator on Saturday AND
Sunday!! We are starting from the bottom-up here so that was pretty
exciting. Both of us were asked to give talks in sacrament meeting,
which was fun and intimidating. The branch put up with my Japanese
kindly and even chuckled at the cold jokes. They are so welcoming,
we're so exciting to work for them. There are many miracles to be had
in Matsumoto! Every missionary says it because every missionary hears
it, but I testify that this is truly God's most important work. It is
glorious and joyful. Christ has come, He is the light. We each need
Him and will be led to happiness through Him. I love Him and I love
being His missionary. If you have any questions email me! :)
All my love,
Sister Brewer

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20 September 2015

I Don't Know Why You Say Goodbye...

Hello, humans. Here's a bit of this week, the last of the transfer!
First of all, we had EIGHT investigator lessons this week! *crowd
cheers* that is about seven more than usual, wit was really thrilling.
A lot of new investigators, so Rogers Shimai and I made a goal to
invite everyone to be baptized. It was scary, but the spirit was so
much stronger, and I felt like a real missionary! Two said no, four
said maybe, and two said YES!! They have set the date for October 25.
They are so beautiful!!! God has prepared them, and I am so grateful
he led us to them. Their desire to follow Christ is there, it's so
On Friday we went down to Amori for the Branch President's family Home
evening. His granddaughters, age six and four, were way too cute and
seemed to enjoy the magic show. It was so refreshing, kids are so
magic! Sister Takei also made an immense amount of delicious food,
including lasagna, it's been a while since I've eaten that, it was so
Saturday we wait in anticipation for transfer calls, not expecting
much, since we both just got here to Nagano. That was a terrible idea,
because President Ishii called to say that he is closing the Sisters
in Nagano, to make way for the couple missionaries coming next year.
(Jaw drops)
Sister Rogers is being transferred to Ichinomiya in Aichi ken, to
follow up train her new Brazilian companion. (Jaw defies laws of
anatomy and drops lower like the bass)
I will be going to the next shi over, Matsumoto, where sisters have
never served before, to train a new missionary. (Jaw detached from
facial structure and plunges to the depths of the Sea of Japan)
So that was transfer calls! And then assistants were like...oh yeah
it's a national holiday next week so make sure you send your luggage
TODAY because they won't pick up luggage after that. So...we ran up to
Zenkoji street, taught a lesson to beautiful and wonderful baptismal
candidate #1, raced back home, threw everything in our suitcases and
sent them off (don't worry Mom, I still folded). And then started to,
you know, do move-out-of-the-apartment things. The two sets of Elders
in Matsumoto will be doubling up in one apartment to make room for us.
While I am very grateful, I'm not particularly ecstatic to be moving
into an...Elders' apartment. I've never been in one, but I've smelled
one. I must maintain hope for the cause.

I learned a lot from the spirit this week. I'm grateful God gives it
to us to attend His work. It's message is pure and it will always
strengthen us in testimony. Reading through the Book of Mormon, I
realized that it truly is a record of a fallen people, which is sad.
So much truth and goodness was offered to them, but they denied it
because of their pride. Which is really hard to recognize. But the
Light of Christ is not, so once you see it, you just have to grab onto
it and see it more and more! Only those rooted firmly and actively in
the doctrine of Christ survived. While sad, it paints a clear picture
of the simple and only way to true, eternal joy and salvation. It is
the doctrine of Jesus Chirst: faith, repentance, baptism, receiving
the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. See 2 Nephi 31.
Keep smiling, working hard, and sharing the gospel with all His
Brewer Shimai

The Naganos

13 September 2015

Because you know I'd bike a thousand miles...

This week the report comes from my dear companion, because she took the time to wrote it. Please enjoy, have a radical week and be missionaries! :) 

We have found more investigators this week than we have the whole transfer combined! On Monday we were talking people near Nagano eki when we saw a girl in shorts coming our way and we knew we had to talk to her!  The experience we had was kind of like Alma 32:34,"And now, behold, is your knowledge perfect? Yea, your knowledge is perfect in that thing, and your faith is dormant." We didn't have to have faith the she would become an investigator because we knew she would. We meet with her on Wednesday! 

Here in Nagano, we have three levels of Eikaiwa and Brewer Shimai and I teach the middle school level. Usually this would be fun, but our students refuse, REFUSE to talk. And if you ask them a question, they look at each other and whisper-discuss what their answer is for five minutes...only to not say the answer. Example:
Us: what do you eat for breakfast? 
Them (whispering in Japanese): what did she say? Breakfast? Like what do we eat for breakfast? What do you eat? I don't know? What do they want us to say? You say it. Me? I don't know what to say. 

And so forth. But our past two classes have been really good! We starting teaching them how to tell time and talk about their school schedules and they are eating it up! And they are actually talking to us! In English! Also, fun fact: apparently there is a time set apart for students to clean the school. Kind of like recess, but instead of jump rope and chalk, they give you a rag and a spray bottle. So if you are ever wondering why Japanese people are so clean, it is because it has been soap-scrubbed into their souls from when they were young pupils. 

This week President Whiting, member of the first quorum of the seventy,area president over Japan and Korea (translation: very important church leader) toured the mission. When we started talking he said, "I can speak frankly to you today, and let you stretch a little or I can speak gently and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy." Obviously we opted for the former and I am soo glad we did! I wanted to become such a better, bolder, more faith-filled missionary after that! Also, his wife served in Japan in Nagano, where she baptized a bunch of people, including the son of our investigator. So cool! 

On Saturday, we had a Vietnamese cooking night/branch activity, where the Elders' vietnamese investigator and his four non-Japanese speaking Vietnamese friends made us some crazy good Vietnamese food. Our investigator  came and all the members loved her! And maybe I had known this before but it was only made manifest to me now, but I'm really bad at Japanese small talk. 
Noriko: so, do you have a boyfriend? 
Us: No. Do you? 
Noriko: No. 
Us: ....

I'm sorry I wrote you a novel. So if you don't feel like reading all of that, just know that I am so grateful for this time to change people's lives and help them "grow in the knowledge of the glory of him that created [them], or in the knowledge of that which is just and true." 

Go eat some Vietnamese food.

And I second that.
Sister Brewer

06 September 2015

Jugglers in Spandex

Monday, we took the two-hour train ride to meet our awesome new
investigator who cancelled five minutes before. Cool! Not phased, we
rode the train right back home and ate dinner with all our might.
Tuesday we went looking and looking and looking and FOUND A NEW
restaurant we want to try. So we'll probably go there today. Wednesday
was the epitome of awesome! We had a practice lesson with a member is
the sweetest! Hearing the members' testimonies is always so refreshing
and strengthening. Little did we know her husband (who came to church
the Sunday before) isn't even a member yet, but she said, I'm going to
go home and teach this to my husband! It was so exciting. THEN,
because of the beautiful and blessed faith Of the member, we talked to
a woman on the way home who agreed to meet with us the next day to
learn English and about the Gospel. And yes, there was a choir of
angels lined up in the tiny Japanese road, singing "Hallelujah" as
that occurred. We were in shock for a good six hours.  So the next
day. She
A) CAME to the appointment!
B) was so super nice and fun!
C) was really excited to read the Book of Mormon
D) scheduled a return appointment for TODAY!!
And thus we see and remember that the Lord blesses us in times of
trial and joy. Missionary work is pretty hard but you don't really
realize that until you get here. But it's also the best moment of your
whole life, because you know you are exactly where you are needed,
doing exactly the best thing you could be. Even when it is knocking on
the doors of apartments housing people not yet willing to listen. The
Lord will always guide us to light; if light is success, happiness, a
learning experience, a scripture, a friend. Every day is a miracle.
「14 And thus we see the great call of diligence of men to labor in the
vineyards of the Lord; and thus we see the great reason of sorrow, and
also of rejoicing--sorrow because of death and destruction among men,
and joy because of the light of Christ unto life. 」(Alma 28)

Also, Friday- Sunday also happened, with nice and humorous and hard
and enlightening moments in between. On our way to a member's house,
we passed Zenkoji temple where there was evidently some kind of
festival happening. We peaked to see the performer everyone was
gathered around, to see a man with a rather flamboyant
hairstyle, hot pink feather boa, and very tight tyedye spandex suit
on. So tight in fact, I was led to believe he just dunked himself into
a lava lamp and came to perform. But his juggling was really good!
Then we proceeded onward, walking away with a slightly more
interesting blog entry title than usual.

Much love to you all. Be happy, be missionaries.

23 August 2015

Nothing and Everything.

Greetings, Fellow Hitos.
On page 156 Preach My Gospel so lovingly lets us know that "Nothing happens in missionary work until you find someone to teach." I can therefore, confidently tell you that n o t h i n g  happened this week!
Uuuuuuuunntillll last night of course! Because end of the week miracles are definitely a thing. 
We decided to go streeting near the Nagano eki! Not because we had nothing else to do, but because that was our definitive choice. Yes.
So after a couple hours we headed back toward the front of the eki, and talked to this really tall and pretty woman. She was definitely not Japanese. So we asked. She was from Morocco! And you know what they speak there? ARABIC. And what does my most radical companion speak?
Needless to say, she accepted to meet with U.S. Tonight to hear about what happens after we die. HOORAY! 
As I have testified of before, the Lord answers our prayers. My testimony of that grows and strengthens each week is this remarkable field. I didn't know it was like that. I thought you just gained a testimony of something and that was that. But no, Doctrine and Covenants chapter 50 is so true,
24 That which is of God is light; and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day.
That's how it works, when we work on it and towards it, our light of Christ grows brighter and brighter and we receive more knowledge and experience. I love this thing. 
Sister Brewer

16 August 2015


And it feel so good.
SHO, after tragically saying goodbye to the Papenfuss Shimai Monday I stayed he night in Meito and picked up Sister Rogers in Nagoya Tuesday. It was so weird and cool to be back together again. She described it as, "being born (trained) for two transfers, dropped off at to the babysitter (new companion), and then back again now that her mother (me) is done vacationing for the summer up North (Nagano)."
But we've been having way too much fun cracking the lame jokes we've saved up and making new goals to ROCK as missionaries. We hope. 
We taught a total of FOUR lessons under 15 minutes this week. Hooray! Ha ha no one. NO ONE could/wanted to meet because it was a holiday this weekend called O-bon. It is to respect the ancestors who has passed on. Really cool!
HoWeVeR, we went back down to Nagoya Thursday night for Mission Leader Council on Friday. It was definitely the highlight of the week! President and Sister Ishii gave great lessons on the Atonement. The Assistants also prepared some very motivational training. The. We had an Atonement testimony meeting which was so special! The spirit was reallyreallyreally strong. I love the missionaries I serve with! I am so grateful they and other people around me have the light of Christ and His attributes, so I can learn a little about Him, through them. The Atonement is real, and it's for all of us!
11 And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people.

12 And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities.

Alma chapter 7

Love you, thank you for being missionaries!
Sister Brewer

Stripes on stripes on stripes.

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09 August 2015

Goodbye to You, and Oh, Hello Again

Greetings, Blog Reader.
Please submit your guesses now for transfer announcements!

I woke up this morning after having the strangest dream. I had finished six really short transfers and only had six left. It was quite startling! Luckily I woke up, realized I was still a Beanchan. 
This week was full of exciting and emotional appointments on account of this being Sister Papenfuss' last week in the field. WHAT. NO AUGUSTUS WATER HAZEL WE ARE NOT OKAY. She has been working so hard right up to the end, which is inspiring. She loves the people here from the sincerest part of her heart. She has given it all her courage, effort, patience, and love in six blessed areas. And I've been soooo exceedingly blessed to partake in her companionship. Tears were shed and we closed our planners on the final Weekly Planning Session together (do cue 1980s soap opera elevator music). The point is I'll miss her a whole lotta much! We are on the train right now heading to Honbu. What is that in English? Mission Headquaters?
We had a good week with the two investigators. #1 is getting closer, but she still doesn't have the feeling that baptism is right yet. #2 did well in her second lesson, too. She is so sweet. She wants to believe in God but...can't yet? She will get there. She has a lot of faith!
Sister P wanted to go streeting for her last few dendō hours last night, so we did! It was almost refreshing to be rejected that many times in an hour again. Makes you feel like a MISSIONARY! Yeah!! We even met a sweet woman towards the end who exchanged phone numbers with us. Yay!
Friday was our last District Training Meeting with Elder Bills, who is also going home today. He always teaches a good thing through the spirit! He even bought the Shimai ice cream because it is near our birthdays. Hooray for the Nagano-Ueda District.

I'm grateful we could take the sacrament yesterday. The priesthood is a very special blessing. I'm  so happy the truth and authority has been restored. We truly have the tools to prepare daily for our return to our Heavenly Home. So letting everyone know about it is so important! Reading in the Book of Mormon about the Restoration is so powerful. I love Alma's words to his son Shiblon, who is such a great, humble example. 
"2 And now, my son, I trust that I shall have great joy in you, because of your steadiness and your faithfulness unto God; for as you have commenced in your youth to look to the Lord your God, even so I hope that you will continue in keeping his commandments; for blessed is he that endureth to the end." (Alma 38)
Book of Mormon people are very cool, I recommend highly getting to know them.
I almost forgot! Transfer calls came this Saturday! President Ishii called to announce that I am staying in Nagano! (Crowd cheers). And that my new companion is...Sister Rogers! (crowd says, wait what? But then begins to applaud, and eventually cheers). Yes, Sister Rogers and I will be reunited after a long seven weeks apart. I'm so excited! This is really rare to get a companion back. Yay!
Everyone, have a genki week!
Sister Brewer

The Nagano Four. I do peace sign for me AND my companion. #unity

03 August 2015

Missed Trains and Knowledge Gained

Hey guys, iss me Miranda--
Ehem, oh, no I mean Sister Brooklyn Brewer, reporting live from Nagano Japan. 
Tuesday, we had to do some major iPad training for the area book app we dont have yet. Wha hoo, so fun. We also taught the Eikaiwa! We teach the junior high students and they are so good. As hard as I sometimes think learning Japanese is, learning English from Japanese is way harder. Seen on T-shirts in Japan:
"Exceptional dispose immensely, its lovely to see you"
"Catharsis Staunch Lovely Eulogy"
"Fact the truth is Boat"
On Wednesday we left our rice fields to visit the ones in the far away land of Matsumoto for interviews with President Ishii. It was a wonderfully uplifting time. He is such an energetic, dedicated man. Good news: Despite being an imperfect missionary, I get to stick around for the next six transfers! Hooray! Sister Ishii is also very cool. She made us experimental anko cookies (yum) and even went to the combini when she felt the meeting was getting a bit long and bought us all a tomato. Tomatoes and eggplants are major in season right now! We eat them every day. So then I swapped my Powerfuss Shimai for the Tyler Shimai! We did a koukan and had lots of fun streeting. We pulled our gaijin (foreigner) card approximately many many times, trying to speak comprehensive and spirit-led Japanese. We just...usually cannot understand what the people answer back to us, so we attempt to give the most general but energetic response we can think of together and encourage them strongly to visit Mormon.org where there are videos in actual Japanese. We also visited a long-time-no-see member, who lives about five minutes from the apartment. Thanks to my excellent navigation skills, we arrived there in just under thirty minutes! 
Speaking of which, the next afternoon we rode along to the eki where I put us on the wrong platform for the train back to Suwa. In good old Nagoya this would be no big deal, just hop on the next one. But here where the fresh crops highly outnumber the amount of humans, we needed to wait and hour and a half for the next train. So the other shimai scurried back to Suwa instead to make the appointment, and we got there around 8:00, for Suwa Sleepover party of four, where Tyler shimai so kindly lent me her pajamas. 
The next morning Papenfuss Shimai and I jumped on the 5:30 train (because waking up at 6:30 is for sissy missionaries) to catch our 10:00 appointment back in home base Nagano. We made it! She was a cool new investigator. A yoga teacher, who did yoga while we told her how to teach in English. And then she listened to our spiel on prayer, and said she would try that out kureru. Yay!
Then a most lovely Eikaiwa student had us over for a delicious dinner of rich, creamy cold potato soup and luscious bread. Perfect for the 40 。C weather! Yum! But then she seemed to  have forgotten she had done that and fed us a delicious dinner of rich, beautifully seasoned blue cheese pumpkin pasta. Next was the summer vegetable cheese casserole, for health.Then she was under the impression she was feeding a sumo army, so out came the "American-style" biggest-steak-I've-ever-seen and abundance of vegetables. And don't forget dessert! Two lovingly large scoops of scrumptious ice cream, complete with dressings of french toast, berries, apples and peaches. I had busted into every nook of the second breakfast/fourth dessert stomach I thought I carried with me always, but alas, I exploded completely and the poor woman and my companion had scrape pieces of me off the walls and ceiling.  Oishikatta!
The Saturday involved the famous Japanese festival with an awesome member bringing her friends to introduce to us because she is awesome! What an exciting bit of culture!
Sunday was a wonderful fast Sunday where I recieved an unexpectedly delicious fulfillment of spiritual light. What a wonderful day, to be a missionary in August 2015, in this blessed dispensation. Christ is the light. Looking to Him will bring us the joy we cannot fathom the portion of here in this earthly moment. He will lift you, help you, guide you, bless you. He loves you.
22 The light of the body is the eyeif, therefore, thine eyebe singlethy whole body shall be full of light. (3 Nephi 13)
29 Therefore, askand ye shall receive; knock, and it shallbe opened unto you; for he that asketh, receiveth; and untohim that knocketh, it shall be opened. (3 Nephi 27)
I love you. 
Be happy and safe, be missionaries. Let me know what I can do for you.
Sister Brewer