29 February 2016

Dendo Headliners

If they published a newspaper for each day of the week, here's what they headlines would say! But I'm not sure, because I don't read the newspaper, because I'm a missionary. Book of Mormon for days. Like. Every day.

Monday: Sisters Rejected Even Harder Whilst Trying Out New Family History Approach But Eventually Finds Golden Brazilian Family To Teach

Tuesday: Less Active Member Stands Mid-Lesson and Declares "We Are Going to the Culture Festival!"

Wednesday: Investigator Makes Major Breakthrough With Holy Ghost-Feeling Experience

Thursday: True Church of Christ Restored By Joseph Smith and Sisters Given Opportunity to Testify About it To Amazing Recent Converts

Friday: Brazilian Member Requests Sister Brewer Cook Six Large Steaks 'American Style;' Sister Brewer Has Never Made Steak

Saturday: Japanese Family Serves Missionaries Hamburgers Standing 30 Centimeters High

Sunday: 85-year-old Woman Sisters Spoke To On The Sidewalk Thursday Suddenly Shows Up At Church

And that's the Gospel Truth! Actually, Jesus Christ is our Savior and loves you. That's actually the Gospel Truth.

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