27 May 2013


Don't be angry. At least try really, really, really hard not to be. Don't be angry or anything representative of angry. And if you've tried to be everything but angry and you're still angry...then I think you can be angry, but n0t at who made you angry, and especially not at those who didn't make you angry that have to constantly be around you. Because I don't think anger really fixes anything. Honesty does, though. But I think if you try hard enough you can be honest without being angry.
You should always be fully honest, but honesty should be consistently accompanied by solicitation. Relationships need honestly, they must and absolutely have it. That applies to any relationship you care about in any minute way. Obviously, you should be honest daily and regularly to your significant other if you have one. And if you don't, a lot of people around you or people you meet could become you significant other someday, so starting off any relationship with honesty will give advantage down the road. I also believe we should be honest with our families, since they are most likely the people we are around most often and for the longest time in our lives. Even eternity, if you like that. For a relationship that lasts an eternity, I think I'd like it to be honest. And friends. Friends are nice, and friends are good. They are a blessing and we should cherish them with honesty. Even enemies, if you have one, we should be honest with them. Again, we shouldn't say anything angry, but we should say things that are productive, encouraging, increasing of understanding, and of good report. And of course, sometimes the best way to be honestly kind is stay quiet and do something else good.
So back to anger. People will make you angry. At some point, I think we have to admit that. People are angering, and sometimes it may even appear that they are angering more of the time than not. The reasoning behind this is, unfortunately, that they are people. People are imperfect and whoever created them made them that way by allowing them to make choices. However, this also allows them the opportunity to grow, which is rather beautiful. So just try to remember that you're a person too. You probably wouldn't prefer anger spewed upon you, nor does anyone else. Most people aren't making you angry on purpose. And if they are, that's silly, but being angry back won't fix it. So again, try being something different, and if that does it work, find your way that healthily lets it out. For some it's working out, but that's not me, because I like donuts. If you believe in God, let Him know how you're feeling. He already knows, but when you tell Him yourself it strengthens your father-child relationship  with Him, and He does want to help you. He's probably just waiting for you to ask for it, because when you desire, ask, and work it for it, the blessing feels personal and much more helpful. If deity isn't your thing, writing can be good. But don't force yourself to write if you really don't want to. That might make you more angry. Anger doesn't feel good and you don't want it affecting those you love. Try not to be angry. Be loving and do things you love. Love is miraculous.
However, I can't tell you what to do. Whoever "you" are. It's just a thought, and I think that's what blogs are for, thoughts not facts.
Maybe this one should have stayed in the journal.

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