10 May 2013

A Brand New Year!

Hello! One of my favorite words. So, welcome to 2013. Actually, it's already May. Sorry for the eight-month abandonment, invisible audience, I know you're non-existently disappointed. Don't worry, Harry Potter is still the Bee's Knees. I may even post one of my favorites pics in honor of its magical radicality. It's a word now. One of my favorites. Shelby blogs now, which is probably why I'm finally writing another boring post.
I've learned a lot about love lately. I still don't know very much. But I know that it will always be a part of everyone, because everyone either loves or is loved or both. No escaping the love. Embrace the love! Share the love. Peace, Love. All you need is love! Cry over the love. Cry over the love because you don't have it how you want it. But chances are you have it how you need it.
I'm also graduating high school quite imminently! Which also qualifies me as knowing next-to-nothing about love. I was also a sophomore once. HA! I still act like one sometimes, on fair occasion. I say fair because in theatre-drama-competition-festivals (it's a real thing) "Fair" means you shouldn't have even shown up. Sometimes I do miss being a freshie, having plenty of time to do nothing but blog and dance. And EAT. Which I still make ample time for, don't you worry. Looking at sophomore videos or poems is so overwhelmingly comical. I think I actually thought I might become cool someday. LAWLS (That's Teag-Speak for LOL, which I'm not actually doing soooo lawls). Good thing I came to reality on theatre-kid-ness and loved the rest of the most of high school very much. College will be exciting, thus I am excited. I'm making this documentary that may or may not be finished someday. So I think I'll go to work on that until I find another insomnia-condusive activity to do. The Tempest is too rad. One of my all-time favorites. I have a lot of favorites. You're probably one of them.
I can't believe he almost cried.

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