06 September 2015

Jugglers in Spandex

Monday, we took the two-hour train ride to meet our awesome new
investigator who cancelled five minutes before. Cool! Not phased, we
rode the train right back home and ate dinner with all our might.
Tuesday we went looking and looking and looking and FOUND A NEW
restaurant we want to try. So we'll probably go there today. Wednesday
was the epitome of awesome! We had a practice lesson with a member is
the sweetest! Hearing the members' testimonies is always so refreshing
and strengthening. Little did we know her husband (who came to church
the Sunday before) isn't even a member yet, but she said, I'm going to
go home and teach this to my husband! It was so exciting. THEN,
because of the beautiful and blessed faith Of the member, we talked to
a woman on the way home who agreed to meet with us the next day to
learn English and about the Gospel. And yes, there was a choir of
angels lined up in the tiny Japanese road, singing "Hallelujah" as
that occurred. We were in shock for a good six hours.  So the next
day. She
A) CAME to the appointment!
B) was so super nice and fun!
C) was really excited to read the Book of Mormon
D) scheduled a return appointment for TODAY!!
And thus we see and remember that the Lord blesses us in times of
trial and joy. Missionary work is pretty hard but you don't really
realize that until you get here. But it's also the best moment of your
whole life, because you know you are exactly where you are needed,
doing exactly the best thing you could be. Even when it is knocking on
the doors of apartments housing people not yet willing to listen. The
Lord will always guide us to light; if light is success, happiness, a
learning experience, a scripture, a friend. Every day is a miracle.
「14 And thus we see the great call of diligence of men to labor in the
vineyards of the Lord; and thus we see the great reason of sorrow, and
also of rejoicing--sorrow because of death and destruction among men,
and joy because of the light of Christ unto life. 」(Alma 28)

Also, Friday- Sunday also happened, with nice and humorous and hard
and enlightening moments in between. On our way to a member's house,
we passed Zenkoji temple where there was evidently some kind of
festival happening. We peaked to see the performer everyone was
gathered around, to see a man with a rather flamboyant
hairstyle, hot pink feather boa, and very tight tyedye spandex suit
on. So tight in fact, I was led to believe he just dunked himself into
a lava lamp and came to perform. But his juggling was really good!
Then we proceeded onward, walking away with a slightly more
interesting blog entry title than usual.

Much love to you all. Be happy, be missionaries.

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