20 September 2015

I Don't Know Why You Say Goodbye...

Hello, humans. Here's a bit of this week, the last of the transfer!
First of all, we had EIGHT investigator lessons this week! *crowd
cheers* that is about seven more than usual, wit was really thrilling.
A lot of new investigators, so Rogers Shimai and I made a goal to
invite everyone to be baptized. It was scary, but the spirit was so
much stronger, and I felt like a real missionary! Two said no, four
said maybe, and two said YES!! They have set the date for October 25.
They are so beautiful!!! God has prepared them, and I am so grateful
he led us to them. Their desire to follow Christ is there, it's so
On Friday we went down to Amori for the Branch President's family Home
evening. His granddaughters, age six and four, were way too cute and
seemed to enjoy the magic show. It was so refreshing, kids are so
magic! Sister Takei also made an immense amount of delicious food,
including lasagna, it's been a while since I've eaten that, it was so
Saturday we wait in anticipation for transfer calls, not expecting
much, since we both just got here to Nagano. That was a terrible idea,
because President Ishii called to say that he is closing the Sisters
in Nagano, to make way for the couple missionaries coming next year.
(Jaw drops)
Sister Rogers is being transferred to Ichinomiya in Aichi ken, to
follow up train her new Brazilian companion. (Jaw defies laws of
anatomy and drops lower like the bass)
I will be going to the next shi over, Matsumoto, where sisters have
never served before, to train a new missionary. (Jaw detached from
facial structure and plunges to the depths of the Sea of Japan)
So that was transfer calls! And then assistants were like...oh yeah
it's a national holiday next week so make sure you send your luggage
TODAY because they won't pick up luggage after that. So...we ran up to
Zenkoji street, taught a lesson to beautiful and wonderful baptismal
candidate #1, raced back home, threw everything in our suitcases and
sent them off (don't worry Mom, I still folded). And then started to,
you know, do move-out-of-the-apartment things. The two sets of Elders
in Matsumoto will be doubling up in one apartment to make room for us.
While I am very grateful, I'm not particularly ecstatic to be moving
into an...Elders' apartment. I've never been in one, but I've smelled
one. I must maintain hope for the cause.

I learned a lot from the spirit this week. I'm grateful God gives it
to us to attend His work. It's message is pure and it will always
strengthen us in testimony. Reading through the Book of Mormon, I
realized that it truly is a record of a fallen people, which is sad.
So much truth and goodness was offered to them, but they denied it
because of their pride. Which is really hard to recognize. But the
Light of Christ is not, so once you see it, you just have to grab onto
it and see it more and more! Only those rooted firmly and actively in
the doctrine of Christ survived. While sad, it paints a clear picture
of the simple and only way to true, eternal joy and salvation. It is
the doctrine of Jesus Chirst: faith, repentance, baptism, receiving
the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. See 2 Nephi 31.
Keep smiling, working hard, and sharing the gospel with all His
Brewer Shimai

The Naganos

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