28 September 2015

Matsumotoooooooooooooo です。

Hello! It's been a bit of a whirlwind around here, feels
like a month since last Pday! I've been on the train more than in my
futon, but now we are all Nice and settled here in beautiful 松本!This
is the largest area in the mission, so overwhelmingly large, but it's
in Nagano Ken so it's beautiful! The weather is very slowly beginning
to cool down as well. Monday was so crazy right up to the last minute
trying to move out, create the
Trash Schedule for the Elders, cleaning, packing, appointments, blah
blah blah (or in Japanese-nani nani nani). Tuesday we had a great
session of Trainers' training in Nagoya, then I stayed with beloved
Takaku Shimai (my trainer) and Barazza Shimai in Kasugai that night.
Back to Meito in the morning where I met Sister VICTORIA GUNN, from
Jacksonville, Florida (shoutout to Alyssa). She is so genki and fun and loves the people in
Japan so much! We are going to have a radical transfer together. I can
already feel major power. Whoo! The spirit has been strong this week. I'm
so happily grateful about that. In case anyone forgot or was
wondering, being a missionary is the MOST MARVELOUS EXHILARATING
moment of your whole life, it deserves capital letters all the time.

So we rode back to Matsumoto Wednesday night, taught Eikaiwa and then
the Elders led us to our new apartment. Good news! It is pretty much
clean and only smells a little bit weird! The four Elders have
actually been a huge help every day this week, we appreciate it so
much. We dropped our luggage, went to sleep, but got right back on the
bus again Thursday afternoon since I had Leadership Council Friday
morning. We decided to take the bus since it was cheaper. But it was
two hours longer, total of five, so we decided that was not worth it
again and rode the train back up Friday night.

The miracle-tastic part is we found a new investigator on Saturday AND
Sunday!! We are starting from the bottom-up here so that was pretty
exciting. Both of us were asked to give talks in sacrament meeting,
which was fun and intimidating. The branch put up with my Japanese
kindly and even chuckled at the cold jokes. They are so welcoming,
we're so exciting to work for them. There are many miracles to be had
in Matsumoto! Every missionary says it because every missionary hears
it, but I testify that this is truly God's most important work. It is
glorious and joyful. Christ has come, He is the light. We each need
Him and will be led to happiness through Him. I love Him and I love
being His missionary. If you have any questions email me! :)
All my love,
Sister Brewer

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