11 January 2015

Transfer One: Check!

WAIT WHAT?! Today is the last day of my first transfer! I don't about you, but that went very fast from over here. I just packed Sister Kartchner away into a member's car and that was kind of sad! Oh my goodness! Elder Schmeil my awesome district leader is also being transferred. Missions are certainly full of goodbyes! That is okay though because I get to stay in OKAZAKI and tomorrow my new companion SISTER TAKAKU will come! Hooray! She has been in the mission for about 6 transfers I think. I better learn how to speak Japanese! Ha ha I mean...I am...always. ぺらぺら. I still feel like such a bean chan.
On Wednesday we had しまいたいかい! Sisters Conference! It was really great! This member from Toyota came a spoke to us. She served her mission in Okinawa and baptized like 350 people literally. Cool huh? I ought to work harder! We also at delicious curry and had  lil talent show! two sisters did a beautiful song in Japanese sign language, two more did a violin/piano duet of Come Thou Fount, Sister Pasi hula danced and I got to do a magic show! So much fun! Sister Yamashita was so nice to let me perform. 

Hooray for last minute Relief-Society organized weddings! 
We had a couple great lessons this week and one investigator came to church! Yay! But we can do better than that next week. Hopefully everyone kind of gets over the holidays/being cold and gets excited about the gospel! Because the gospel is thee besst. 
So yeah! Tomorrow is transfers and I am area senpai! Kiiinnnnddd of scary. I have gotten to know the area and people the best I can! Hopefully we get GPS apps sooon....otherwise we might be doing a lot of circle biking. 

This week while reading in Matthew I have begun to know my Savior a little better. What an incredible journey it is. We can learn to love and know Him more our whole lives long, what a merciful blessing. He is truly our brother, exuding so much love consistently. Read the precious words we have testifying of Him. Pray always to Heavenly Father, you will feel much love!

Have a magical week people!
Much Love,
Sister Brooklyn Brewer

あいしています (Ai-she-tay-ee-mas)
I love you!

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