25 January 2015

It's Hard, But it's Okay, But it's Still Hard. がんばります.

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Hello and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Daddy! He is 55 today, but still has all the energy of the 19-year-old missionary magician inside him! Love him a lot! He taught me a lot of the things I am trying to be here on the mission. I hope to become as bright, joyful, and fun as him someday!
Speaking of learning things, I learned some things this week! That's a side effect of missionary work. Hooray!
This week Sister Takaku and I just went about our business trying to build the blessed Kingdom of God here in Okazaki. It was fun, exciting, disappointing, exhausting, challenging, and spirit-filled! You know, all those wonderfully normal things you will read in all the missionary e-mails you read today. I think you hear those things and sometimes admire missionaries for the things they do. They testify of how hard it is but then most of the time express joy and how it's totally worth it. Which it is! Being a missionary has by far been the most joyful experience of my life so far, and I am still just a little beanchan! Bust just like anything, you can hear about the hard times as much as you want, but you won't really know until you get there.
Missions are indeed hard. 
And I thank my Heavenly Father for that.
Missions are hard, and that's okay! That doesn't make it less hard that it's okay, but it does make it worth it.  Does that make sense? 
Heavenly Father has given us this enormous potential to grow and become magnificent. Truly magnificent. What a blessing hard work is, so we can get there. Growth. I stand all amazed. He cares for us that much that He would create for us an earth where we could do this growing.
Your spirit is a beautiful botanical creation on its way to majesty! I am learning how to grow here! I am so blessed! Thank you for each of your prayers, happy thoughts, pieces of support, kind words, and immense love. I can honestly feel them every day as I work here. I promise to work hard! Let's keep growing together, forever! :) We'll need a strong foundation in Christ (Helaman 5:12), and then nourish our faith (Alma 32:28) daily with desire (Alma 41:5), and action (Doctrine and Covenants 6:33). 
I love you folks!
Don't be afraid to say hey and tell me about you life. :) Thanks for all the magic you make happen.
Sister Brewer

Tango for the week:
いきましょう! (ee-kee-mah-show)
Meaning: Let's go!

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melissahansen said...

Oh friend. I know exactly how you feel. All the righteous desires of a faithful missionary - in a cold place with a tough language, crazy food, long (wet/cold) bike rides and a whole lot of rejection. It's a tough but amazing way to refine your relationship with the Savior. Keep that beautiful smile. People will feel your sincerity, your language is coming (faster than you think right now) and you've got the Spirit on your side. D&C 84:88

Brewer Shimai, anata no akashi wa sugoku tsuyoi desu. Watashi o shinjite! Nihon ni dendo ni wa taihen no koto wa hitsuyo desu. Sore ga shukufuki ni naru. Taisetsu na no wa, fukuin wa shinjitsu desu. Ganbatte ne!!!