18 January 2015

もいかい? Sorry, Could You Say That Again?

Behold, Transfer Two has commenced! Whoo! My new companion is Sister Takaku from Ibaraki! Her Japanese is so crazy good! Probably because she is Japanese. That helps. I was so sad for Sister Kartchner to go but Sister Takaku is the most adorable lil sister you have ever seen! Way too much fun. Trying to plan lessons and plans and breakfast in 100% is definitely hard, but I am so blessed because I know my Japanese will improve a lot! Heavenly Father knows exactly how to help us become the missionaries He needs us to be! This week was a whirlwind of meeting people! Our investigators are doing well but need that extra push to commit to the glorious growth of baptism. :) Please pray for their faith! I love them so much and I know the integration of the gospel into their whole life and family will bless them now and eternally.
Keep smiling and keep being missionaries my friends! It is indeed His work and His glory, and it is a blessing to be a part of it.
I would love to hear from you via letter or e-mail. :) Pray always, love everyone. 
Sister Brooklyn

Japanese Vocabulary for the  Week:
はじめまして (ha-ji-meh-ma-she-te)
Meaning: Nice to meet you! 

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