04 January 2015

Dozo...Have some more food with that food!

Happy New Year! This week it was pretty tough to get much dendo done  on account of everyone having two weeks off and therefore not being home slash hibernating if you are Brazilian because snow kind of scares them. It snowed on New Years Eve! Hooray! I am a little floored at how fast this year as gone. 2015 does not even sound like a real year ha ha! We did get to teach Lesson 1 to a member's college friend. 

The Lesson We Taught:
They are two super cute girls and its way fun since we're all around the same age. She was really interested in the message and seemed intrigued by the Book of Mormon! I love her and hope she accepts the full gospel! It is amazing how much Heavenly Father loves His children. Being a missionary is an immense blessing, being able to feel a bit of that love He constantly showers upon us. 

Food I Ate:
This week the Stake President invited us to his house in Gamagorri for a MOCHI lunch! I am so lucky I got to experience that! So the rice goes in this big wood barrels and over the fire and I think there is wheat or water or something in there too. Then it all goes in this giant stone bowl and the men whack it with what looks like a giantnormous mallot. and then it is really stick and think and the women take little pieces, roll anko into the middle and BAM you have a mochi ball of niceness. Culture is the coolest! We also got creative and started putting fruits in the middle with the anko. YUM! Very very very filling. And that night we went to Fujinaka Shimai's house for pizza. Which in Japan has scrambled eggs and squid and kelp on it. 
On New Years Day this really nice couple who we ran into while caroling on Christmas (who were very drunk at the time) had us over for lunch! It ended up being rather non-sketchy and we had oden and way too much build-it-yourself sushi! YUM. That woman never stopped putting food on the table. It was a very good time and I think they have sort of become the Japanese elder's investigators.
On Fridayish I think we wen to the Kakesomethings and they fed us okonomiaki! Which pretty much a very thick pancake with cabbage and other things you find as you take bites. Such as shrimp and squid OH MY FEROCIOUS HORNTAIL THAT WAS A TENTACLE I JUST PULLED OUT WITH MY TEETH. Okay. Yeah. That was an event. 
Saturday the Omine family had us over for dinner with the Yamadas! We had yummy taco rice! Which is everything you would use to make a taco...over rice. 

Little Bit of Akashi:
This week the members in the stake rented a bus to go the temple in Tokyo for New Years Eve. The blessings of the temple are immense. One member in particular touched my heart when she withdrew all the savings she had to be able to go. I know we hear stories about this a lot, but these are real people, with deep testimonies and immense desires to follow Jesus Christ. 
Go to the temple often. In Utah, we are overblessed to have temples everywhere. There has to be some purpose behind that. When Heavenly Father gives you opportunities to serve, take them and fulfill them with all you might and heart. THAT is where the real joy and wonderful blessings come. 


carriefinlinson said...

Love to have discovered your mission blog dear Brooklyn! We read it as part of scriptures tonight! Love you--you're such a great example! ♡

melissahansen said...

What? You didn't love the okonomiyaki? So sad. One of my favorites. Give it another try sometime. You'll get used to the tentacles!

Ganbatte ne!

melissahansen said...

What? You didn't like okonomiyaki? Sad, sad. That is one of my favorites. So good. Give it another try sometime. You'll get used to the tentacles (maybe).

Ganbatte ne!