03 November 2013


There's this awesome thing that occurs called NaNoWriMo, short for "National Novel Writing Month." A completely haywire and wonderful attempt to get to 50,000 words of novel in 30 days. I've always started and never finished, so here I am, with a goal similar to the past: finish! Pretentious as you may see this, I'm going to write a novel about 30 things I'm grateful enough for to write about. Not that anyone has to read it, but it's something I always kind of wanted to take a swing at, so here's to it.
Also, it's not too late to sign up and start your own novel! Go for it, and let me know if you do!

Dear Art, Thank You! Love, Brooklyn.

I am so grateful for feelings, passion, agency, and the dire need we have as humans to express it. Some might say art is lovely but we don't really need it, like we need science or water or something. I think we need art, at least I certainly do. A wonderful artist created us, and this earth and all its cool elements. I love all the art forms that have been in, influenced, inspired, and orchestrated my life, and I love the ones that will in the future, and the ones that evoke passion, love, and enjoyment in other people.
Literature, paintings, sculptures, photography, poetry, drama (maybe just a little), dance, costume design, music, make up, cooking, drawings, all the visual arts ever, web design, and even pretentious Instagram edits.
I love it all. ALL THE ART. Art is not there to be competed against. As much as I don't love it, art is sort of like Chuck-A-Rama. All of it is presented the way the artist feels and decides, then the people who like that kind of thing will see it, enjoy it, and on some levels be impacted or inspired by it. Isn't that way too radical? There's a piece of art for every one. Thank you art, for being there to allow us to love out loud.

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