03 November 2013

NaNoThankYou - Day 2

The days will synchronize with the date eventually. Just work with me here imaginary audience.

Dear Pie, Thank You! Love, Brooklyn
I am very much serious. I have do have an exceptional appreciation for pies. Pie is the most special and perfect dessert-- the beautiful texture combination crust, creme, and fruit brings is impeccable. I think pie requires commitment and love to make, as it can be slightly more complicated than other desserts. But it is so worth it, and I am so grateful for pie chefs.
Every time I indulge in a scrumptious piece of pie, not only am I taken on a refreshing, satisfying journey, but I am heavily reminded how much I NEVER want to waste my time settling for cake ever again. Cake is so universal. Everyone appears to like cake, and everybody thinks everyone like cake. It's the go-to party dessert because everyone like sugar bread with sugar slathered on top. I'm glad some people do and I love cake chefs who love cake, it's just not my jive. So if I'm the only person ever that doesn't really like cake, I apologize. Anyway, cake heightens my appreciation for pies. Cake is like being sad, if we weren't ever sad, we would never realize how good being happy is. If I didn't have to eat lame cake sometimes, I probably wouldn't realize how absolutely angelic pies are. So thank you pies, creators of pies and distributors of pies and Christy and Daddy who have given me pies in my life. Thank you for my favorite dessert, my sunny Sunday afternoon of life.

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