28 November 2013

NanoThankYou - Oops.

So. In true Brooklyn fashion, I committed to a project, started it a day late, made it look like I was going strong complete with pictures, and then waited until the morning it was due to finish it. Yay. Therefore, if any of you invisible audience members were looking forward to reading all my Thank You chapters, you should seek a new hobby. NO. I joke, I mean I'm sorry. Sorry. It's crazy to think I'm so blessed that I won't even be able to list MOST of the things I'm grateful for. I present, Chapter 3-28: Abridged.

3. Dear J.K. Rowling, thank you for the magical world my heart calls second home, and for creating a story about real magic. Love, Brooklyn.

4. Dear 1970s Clariol Kindness Hot Rollers, thanks for being there daily to calm the storm. Love, Brooklyn.

5. Dear Musical Theatre, Thank you for making my mornings theatrical,  letting me dance through high school, and making me cry at the gym. Love, Brooklyn.

6. Dear Clocks, thank you for giving me someone to look at when I feel like I should be panicking. Love, Brooklyn.

7. Dear Daddy, thank you for teaching me real magic and just about everything I know. Also, for being my very best friend.  Love, Brooklyn.

8. Dear Missionaries, thank you for embarking on the most wonderful and challenging adventure ever. I can't wait to join you. Love, Brooklyn.

9.  Dear Mr. Saxton, thank you for high school, and for letting me know the infinite importance of King Story. Love, Brooklyn.

10. Dear Ballet, thank you for giving me roots and passion. Love, Brooklyn.

11. Dear Pippin, thank you for happening. Love, Brooklyn.

12. Dear Fish, thank you for being so beautiful, soothing, colorful and exciting. Love, Brooklyn.

13. Dear Writing, thank you for being a thing and giving me people like Ms. LaFortune and Dr. Seifert to inspire, encourage and critique me. Love, Brooklyn.

14. Dearest Beautiful Wonderful Mother, thank you for teaching me to dance through life, being sure to clean up along the way. Love, Brooklyn.

15. Dear Elder Holland, thank you for always telling me to calm the swishandflick down and do something better. Love, Brooklyn.

16. Dear Exes, thank you for each teaching me something or many things that are very important. Love, Brooklyn.

17. Dear Audiences, thank you so much for putting up with and being there for me. Love, Brooklyn.

18. Dear 1940-1965, thank you for your female fashion, and for the costume inspiration it brings. Love, Brooklyn.

19. Dear Joseph Smith, thank you for making my favorite book happen. Love, Brooklyn.

20. Dear Magic, thank you for being real. Love, Brooklyn.

21. Dear cold, thank you for letting me have my fun when everyone else hates you. Love, Brooklyn.

22. Dear Katelyn, thank you for being my complete opposite and teaching me a lot of scary things about my self. And for your miraculous cookies and cupcakes. Love, Brooklyn.

23. Dear Temples, thank you for a place to serve and a place for peace and a place for families. Love, Brooklyn.

24. Dear sour candy and daisies, thank you for being two of my very favorite things. Love, Brooklyn.

25. Dear Boston, thanks for teaching me how to drive a manual car. Love, Brooklyn.

26. Dear mornings, thank you for always arriving, and doing so beautifully and theatrically. Love, Brooklyn.

27. Dear Food, thank you for you. You are a yes. Love, Brooklyn.

28. Dear Jesus Christ, thank you for your life, and your commitment to my and everybody's happiness. Thank you for being so everybody would always have at least someone who loved them infinitely. Love, Brooklyn.

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