23 October 2013

All the Questions Before THE Question

I think marriage is just about the most permanent decision I will make in my life. So, important, yeah? Don't worry non-existent audience, I'm not engaged, or close to engaged, or even super appealing at the moment. But seeing as marriage is an eternal deal, I've recently been compiling a list of questions I want to ask my significant other prior to the popping of the question. Because questions are good and typically enlightening, or at least thought provoking. Some of these questions will be rhetorical and observatory. True, this list should probably stay in the journal, but there is a reason for the publicity thereof. If anyone IS actually reading this, and more miraculously reading this while MARRIED, please comment any questions you find necessary to ask before commitment as well. Life's a beautiful moment. Much love, Brooklyn Bridget.

1.  How many children do you see your family with?
2.  How quick is your temper?
3. Do you yell when you're upset?
4.  How well do you compromise?
5. Are you the type of person I want my son to become?
6. Am I the type of person you want your daughter to become?
7. Do you think I'm funny?
8. Do you laugh at 85% of my jokes anyway?
9. How often do you like to attend the temple?
10. What is your definition of verbal and physical abuse?
11. Are you cool with our kids being involved in violent video games?
12. Will you sit through and attempt to enjoy numerous plays, symphonies, museums, etc. with me?
13. How would your react if our son or daughter came out as gay?
14. How do you feel about show business?
15. Do you like hiking and camping?
16. Does your mood change according to the seasons?
17. Would you marry me if we disagreed religiously?
18. Where do you want to live?
19. Are you willing to live in a foreign country?
20. Would you want to go on a mission when we're old?
21. Are you a good listener?
22. Am I even slightly appealing in sweats?
23. Do you think bringing me flowers is pointless?
24. Are you consistently a gentleman?
25. Can you understand sarcasm?
26. What is magic?
27. What are your educational expectations for our children?
28. Should we pay for our kids' missions?
29. Should we pay for our kids' college education?
30. Are you super competitive?
31. Are you a good sport?
32. How clean do you like to keep the house?
33. Harry Potter.
34. Would you be willing to participate in Family Home Evening every week?
35. What's your ideal wake up hour?
36. Is music in the home important?
37. How strict do you want to be on media censorship?

Okay so maybe I'm crazy. As if we haven't established that already. This list is to be continued, so feel free to add on in the comments below.

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