15 October 2013

Happy Scrape Day!

Scrape Day finally came! If for some bizarre reason anyone isn't sure what Scrape Day is, it's the first day after summer has ended in which you must scrape frost off your car. And if that bizarre reason is that I've made up the holiday, that's acceptable. Anyway, despite the sudden requirement for early-morning exercise, it's one of my favorite days of the entire year. It means my favorite period of the season has alas arrived. That cold, dark, chillingly breezy, dreary, cloud-invaded day that might be suddenly sprinkled or snowed upon. I know you wish I were writing saracastically, but truly. I think it's beautiful. Right at the beginning of a wonderful period of the year, so much promise, joy, and work to come.
I really am glad warm weather is so popular, and it makes me happy that if it makes you happy, and I am sorry if the cold bothers you. But thanks for letting me have my favorite moment. :)

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