03 January 2016

Miracle on Sesame Street

This week we had a member appointment EVERY SINGLE DAY! Can you even
imagine? We had a great time teaching practice lessons to them, it was
a really good chance for me and sister Lima to get some good practice
teaching with each other. Toyohashi Ward is full of absolutely
incredible people, great testimonies, interesting stories, superb
cooking skills, and generous hearts.
On Sunday the Bishop and his wife brought us muffins from their recent
trip to COSTCO! Oh man, I don't know about yours, but my breakfast was

We were blessed to meet and teach some sensational children in the
families this week. When we are around the Japanese kids, my heart
beings to play this beautiful, simple, cheery melody with a piano and
harps and the cello and other happy instruments. Then the whole things
gets very warm and kind of smiles inside my chest. I believe we call
that the Holy Ghost. I'm very grateful for the gift thereof, and the
proper priesthood authority in my life to have given it to me. I am
thankful for my Heavenly Father sharing with me His pure and
remarkable children. I can understand a little bit more when Christ
20 ...Blessed are ye because of your faith. And now behold, my joy is full.

21 And when he had said these words, he wept, and the multitude bare
record of it, and he took their little children, one by one, and
blessed them, and prayed unto the Father for them.

22 And when he had done this he wept again;

23 And he spake unto the multitude, and said unto them: Behold your little
22 Therefore, whoso repenteth and cometh unto me as a little child,
him will I receive, for of such is the kingdom of God. Behold, for
such I have laid down my life, and have taken it up again; therefore
repent, and come unto me ye ends of the earth, and be saved.

3 Nephi 17; 9, Book of Mormon.
I know this is true. I love you!

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Cynthia said...

I know how much you love children, I can just imagine you interacting with those sweet and special spirits on your mission and I bet those kids just love you so much! Your dad has a way with kids and so do you! It was fun seeing him get smiles out of all the kids at a recent convert baptism. Your family is simply the best!