27 December 2015

The Merriest!

Christmas Day was magical! I am so grateful for Wi-Fi at the church
and my iPad and Skype (OK we are way too lucky), so I could talk to my
wonderful family in the morning! I receive so much power from your
testimony and support, thank you times eternity. After that we went
with Matsuno Shimai and our investigator Kobayashi San to a very
short orchestra concert. It was two lovely women one who played the
piano, the other the cello. my two favorite instruments! Such a
special treat. Afterwards we went to thank them for bringing the
Christmas spirit to our hearts, and they got talking about our
purpose, and they thought it was so cool how we were teaching about
the real meaning of Christmas. They were even more excited when we
said that they would that we would teach their kids English for free.
So it turned out to be a great finding opportunity! After that Matsuno
Shimai took us to a café to visit her friend who runs the place. Her
daughter actually just returned from doing a homestay in Ogden Utah
where she stayed with, you guessed it, a good old Mormon family! She's
been to temple square and everything! Their family is coming to
Eikaiwa on Wednesday, we're so excited to see them again. I'm so
grateful for the members being willing to introduce us to their
friends here! Feeling their trust is such a remarkable happy heart
On Sunday we went to the Nakajima Family's for dinner. SO MUCH
DELICIOUS AS ALWAYS. Their daughter Chie served a mission in Temple
Square, and her first companion Leslie from Michigan was there to
visit. It was such a fun warm happy family feeling for the evening. We
were able to share a message with a little magic, so much fun. I loved
hearing about missionary life in Salt Lake City. It was so
interesting! The transfers are so dramatic, because usually it's
something like "you're transferring from the South Visitor Center
to... the North Visitor Center!" But, sometimes when it's not so busy,
they actually get transferred to other missions! So Leslie served in
Minnesota for two transfers and Chie spent some time in North
Carolina! Crazy right?
I hope you want to read my testimony, because here it comes again. I
know that Joseph Smith is the man chosen by God to become a prophet,
restore the true and only church of Jesus Christ, our Savior and
Redeemer. The church is organized and run directly by God and Jesus
Christ, through tools in their hands like prophets, apostles, bishops,
leaders, families, and missionaries. I know we are an important part
of Heavenly Father's eternal family. He will lead us to eternal joy as
we support Him in His great and marvelous work in this last
dispensation. That's what it's all about, eternal happy families.
In the name of Jesus Christ, my Brother, Amen.


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