20 December 2015


Merry Christmas from the Matsumoto District!
Okay, finally I will write a letter.
On Tuesday we met at the golden clock at Nagoya Station with way too
many missionaries to all exchange companions and go to our new areas.
It's always a fun time! I met up with the one and only Sister Lima
from the Amazon in Brazil! She lives near the Manaus Temple. She is so
much fun. She also has an incredible testimony, every time she bears
it to me each day and such a simple way. I feel the spirit so
strongly. I can tell, as always, but very specially, we are going to
see a lot of miracles together in Toyohashi.
As we arrived in Toyohashi on Tuesday night, we were welcomed to our
brand-new apartment. Not just new to us, literally brand-new. We are
taking the stickers off of furniture and everything. We are so lucky!
Sister missionaries have not been here for 17 years. The ward has been
so welcoming and loving. I'm overwhelmed with the amount of love that
I'm drowning in. Sister Ishii, the mission presidents wife, called us
to ask how much food we had in the apartment. The Ward had already put
in some pasta and rice but Sister Ishii was worried about our
vegetable intake, so she called up one of her little sisters (both of
which are in this Ward), and within an hour, the Relief Society
counselor had brought over some vegetables, and Ishii Shimai's sister
took us grocery shopping the next morning. IN HER CAR. No bike
handlebar-grocery bag balancing acrobatics!
On Wednesday we had a great time at Eikaiwa, as usual. Just like in
every area, there is a widespread of very interesting folks learning
English in our church building. One of the many blessings of serving
in Japan.
Thursday our luggage finally came!
Friday we went back to Nicole information leadership conference it's
always way too much fun going to see everyone and talking about the
mission. I feel so blessed to be around such true friends, and
incredibly strong testimonies.
Saturday was the Christmas party! We were in listed to come for hours
early and help the really society cook, each of which is an incredible
woman! Of course. Because the members in Japan a rock stars. The
Christmas party was so awesome! Pretty much every member brought a
nonmember friend, and/or a less active member. Amazement. Their
interpretation of the nativity was very amusing but spiritual. Truly
our Savior was born for us!
He loves each of us. He was born free to us. That's why this time of
year is so happy, because of his selfless life and undying love for
us. Each of us can find joy in Christ. I am immensely grateful to be a
missionary. You don't know until you feel it. I am so grateful to feel
it. Wow.
A very Merry Christmas to all.


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