11 January 2016

A VERY bad poem

And an unfortunate rhyme scheme.
Love, Brewer Shimai

This day has been busy
So quickly I'll write
Because I'm to dizzy
To have a keyboard fight

Tuesday was quick as sneeze
Silmara's first lesson was great
It was all in Portuguese,
But the Spirit? You don't need to Translate .

Wednesday NO ONE was home
But at night we had English Class
Some of those students (some)
Really have sass.

Thursday my comp and I exchanged
Sister Owada came with me
There's only the kindest people
Here in Toyohashi

Friday I gave up on Rhyming
We had a nice ZTM
Could have been better
But I'm grateful for each of them.

Saturday was DELICIOUS
We made, like, so much mochi
We met a new investigator
And that was like YOSHI!!

And Sunday was good too.

I love being a senkyoushi!
And for this brand new Toshi,
Let us remember our Savior
Who did us the grandest favor.

I sure love you!
And God does, too.


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