08 November 2015

Yum and Yay! As always.

And that's what companions are for, taking secret pictures of your back in scenic Japan.
This week I've have a new favorite food. It's called
オムライス(omuraisu)、which is rice and vegetables in an omelette. SO GOOD.
I crave it all the time. Don't worry though, I am still fully faithful
to my kitsune udon and Mac and cheese favorites. (I'm coming up on one
whole year without eating mac and cheese, can you believe it? How is
she surviving. Faith, that's how).
Speaking of foods, we visited a really awesome member this week whose
house is hidden away in a secret beautiful mountain of smallness. I
swear we bike 200 years backwards into this little yamavillage she
lives in. That's was great! Her testimony is rocking. Japanese members
are like celebrities. They have sacrificed a lot to become members,
and they way they show their faith and pure love of Christ is
exemplary. And she fed us tsukemono. Japan has this food called
tsukemono. What would that be in English? I don't even know. Oh, I
guess pickles. Yeah, they are like pickles, but for all vegetables.
They pickle all these vegetables and feed them to you. It's not my
favorite activity.
Remember our adorable 18-year-old investigator from a few weeks ago
who was in love with the Book of Mormon as soon as we handed it to
her? Yeah, we finally got to meet with her again! She prayed for the
first time and it was magical. Yay! Happy spirit moments.
Also, we went to the Kawabata's on Thursday and she made omuraisu.
Happy food moments. Sigh. Happy.
On Friday we went to Nagoya for Mission Leadership Council Yaaaay!
President Ishii announced a mission-wide goal to have 70 more baptisms
before the end of the year, which is one per companionship! Whoo! I
felt the spirit testify really strongly to me that we can do it if we
work hard enough and have enough faith, ganbaro! At the end we knelt
in a circle and President Ishii said the prayer. POWER.
Sunday was district (like a stake but little because here) conference,
where my favorites Elder and Sister Whiting came! They gave such great
talks in Japanese!
The Book of Mormon is the word of God!
Read it, please. I testify that the promises in Mosiah 2:41 are sure,
living the teachings of Christ brings temporal and spiritual
Much love,


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