22 November 2015


We are definitely neglecting the picture taking recently, sorry. So this is an accidental screenshot of our weekly report video we send to the area presidency each week. Enjoy. (なさい?笑)
Hi fellow Organism samas.

This week was a lot of up and down, of course! Quite a few cancelled
appointments and a couple no-shows. We set a baptismal date with our
investigator Manami, which was so exciting, her desire is so pure! She
has been progressing wonderfully lately. Unfortunately, the meeting
with her parents did not go well and the date has been cancelled.
Another one of our investigators has been an investigator since 1945.
Yes! She is 91 years old, going very strong. She spoke at a public
event for seniors on Wednesday, and she talked about her experiences
with missionaries. We got to go listen which became excellent language
study and city introduction to the church! No, we can't figure out why
she hasn't gotten in the water yet.
Thursday I got to go on a companion exchange in Suwa with Sister
Tyler! I love her so much! Suwa is also impossibly beautiful, along
with the rest of Nagano Ken. We even found a cute new investigator
together, the spirit was so strong! I love meeting children of God
every day, it's a very enlightening experience. Sister Tyler also made
exceedingly delicious Omu Raisu. Yes.
Okay so thanksgiving is this week?? We were getting ready for bed and
Sister Tyler was like "wait, it's the third Thursday of November
right? Happy Thanksgiving?"
So we were belatedly/prematurely grateful. Psych.
Friday was a rocking District Training Meeting from the one and only
Elder Tanaka! He is so shy and Japanese but the meeting was excellent!
We shared about our Book of Mormon heroes. There's too many! We all
pick everyone! But you can say all the colors, that's tacky, so I
picked Mormon. His faith is immovable! He experienced so much
destruction and was humanely alone through most of his life. But, he
Covenanted when he was ten to preserve the record, and he did so very
faithfully! And look what happened! True church, living prophets,
eternal families. 1,000 points to Gryffindor (I'm assuming Mormon was
a Gryffindor, probably, right?).
On Sunday one of our new
investigators came to church! Hurrah!
I am deeply grateful for the love, faith, and support I have from you
people I love. I am grateful for mine and yours, the Savior Jesus
Christ. I'm grateful for this gospel of infinite happiness.

Much love,


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