29 November 2015

Domo! Thankful, as we all are.

Courtesy of Elder Hansen's mom. I swear my companion was in this photo.

*Adjusts mic volume, nods in apology.*

Hello, fellow saints. This week was great of course because I'm a
missionary. Too much happiness and blessings. Y'all should try it.
Sister Gunn and I had some great adventures going to really really
really far places. We went to cities like Azumino and Yamagata, such
beautiful night skies and long country roads. All the rice is
harvested and the fields are bare now, just like when I first arrived
in Japan. Weird!
All creatures of our God and King are stunning! I'm so grateful to be
in a biking mission, enjoying all the outside has to offer. I am also
extremely grateful for the spirit, which like a fire is burning and
keeping us warm.
On Wednesday we had a fun Thanksgiving party at our English class. It
was fascinating trying to describe the concept of stuffing to
everybody. They were convinced that it was disgusting and that we were
joking. Also, they couldn't understand the difference between
cranberry sauce and cranberry jam. We said a cranberry jam just didn't
exist. Is that right? I don't really know. Why do we only eat super
good food like that once a year?
On Friday, we actually had three lessons! It was so exciting! We had
district training meeting in the morning and actually didn't leave the
church until it was time to go home again. I felt like such a
missionary! It was a very invigorating day.
On Sunday, the Elders had a baptism. WHOO HOO! Ando Kyoudai was a
referral from his friend, Hirabayahi Kyoudai. He started taking the
lessons about a month ago and is got baptized yesterday. We know he
will stay because he has a good friend and fellowship from the ward
members. Faith is all about edifying each other with the spirit!
Member missionary work rocks! We also had Elder and Sister Murai, a
family services missionary from Kanazawa come and speak to us in
sacrament meeting. He talked a lot about member missionary work and it
was so wonderful! We were praying the members were feeling the fire.
I'm blessed with a terrific branch, companion, fellow bunch of
missionaries, Mission president and and experiences.
My ponderizing scripture for this week is probably Phillipians
3:13-14. We repent fully and gain a remission of our sins by following
the Gospel of Jesus Christ today, not worrying about what happened
yesterday. I know that as we keep our eyes on Jesus Christ and try to
emulate his attributes we will progress. This gospel is about growth
in knowledge, personal use of agency, and PROGRESS. Christ will help
us get there. All my love!


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Cynthia said...

I feel like this photo sums up what a mission is like, hard work, new places, working together, spreading the gospel, and lots of joy! This photo is hanging in the hallway by primary, and I love passing it every Sunday!