07 July 2014

Side Effects of Receiving a Mission Call

(so far)
1. Tears
2. Hugs
3. Extreme Overeating
4. Loss of desire to go to work
5. Premature feelings of missing your job
6. Random hymn solos
7. Tears
8. Extreme Happiness
9. Scripture Hunger
10. Insomnia
11. Oversleeping
12. Tons of Exciting Mail
13. Desire to kiss and cuddle always
14. Desire to never look at a boy ever
15. More eating
16. Getting up early to exercise and eating Lucky Charms instead
17. Writing every missionary you know daily
18. Loss of proper grammar usage
19. Making lists
20. Losing keys
21. Sudden need to enroll in every Institute class
22. Happy tears
23.  Loss of motivation to do anything that requires opening of the eyes or moving of the limbs.
24. Surges of Satan eating your brain
25. Surges of the Spirit hugging your heart
26. Constant itch to move out
27. Extreme rage and hatred for anything that dares to stub your toe
28. Elongating of bucket list
29. Inability to let go of your mother whilst hugging
30. Crying over simplistic contemporary novels
31. Sighing
32. Constant craving for breakfast burritos
33. Immense support from family and friends
34. Capital letters
35. Extreme love for God's children.

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