11 July 2014

Book Talk: The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida

This was a very, very fortunate random grab off the "Featured" shelf at my library.

Sentence-Synopsis: An explanation of common autistic behaviors through an extensive interview with a thirteen-year-old autistic boy.

At only 193 pages, this was a two-hour read, which became two important hours of my life. Naoki answers the questions about autism honestly and fully, providing unexpected understanding for an outsider. The active effort to understand and love each other is essential, and this book provides another opportunity for that. It reminded me that as I go on my mission, it isn't "my" mission. My mission is for others, for the people in Japan. To love them, understand them, and render service to them the best I can. The Reason I Jump is a gentle, wonderful reminder to simply follow a commandment: Love One Another.

Overall Grade: A
Disclaimers: No controversial or adult material.

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