13 June 2013


If things were different,  everything would be different.  No one really knows what another is thinking. You might know all your thoughts, but you probably don't know how to express them thoroughly. At least I don't. Words are usually good, if you can find the proper ones. I bet there's a perfect word for everything we feel, we just don't know them all yet. I certainly don't know quite how to write yet. Words are good.
But if we don't use words we do use other things.  No words is a thing. Logically, no words might mean no thoughts. But it probably means a lot of thoughts. It usually means a lot of thoughts. Thoughts you can't write, thoughts you don't know how to write, thoughts you don't believe, thoughts you really don't want to be thinking. Thoughts completely and constantly quarreling with each other. Thoughts that come and never go.
There's also bodies. Hitting, something we shouldn't do. Hugs, something we should do more. Sex. Hand holding, hand shakes.  The way you shake someone's hand. Eye contact,  the lack thereof. Complete conversations solely with the eyes. All conveyors of thought. But we'll never really get the whole picture.
In this life at least. Not many ever really intend to offend. I don't. But no one likes being offended. It isn't kind to attack, or offend, to assume. Mistakes are interesting, typically the result of thought. Or the lack thereof. I've made many mistakes. I will continue to. Luckily that's how we grow, if we choose to learn. I do not consider any type of relationship I've ever had a mistake. Mistake sounds so subtle.  Like it isn't much, blithe, almost. Litotes, in my mind. Just thoughts.
There will always be love.

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