01 June 2013


It's interesting to me how we measure things in dates, such as events. It's not necessarily weird. Not that we could all agree on a precise definition of "weird." Or "normal" for that matter. Anyway, it isn't too out of the ordinary to measure in dates, it's quite universal, actually. But we do allow it to affect us.
"It's been (x) amount of years since I arrived on the planet, we should throw a party!"
"We've been waiting here for hours."
"You have three days to pay that off."
"It's been one month since it happened."
Once we defined time, it began to define us. Now I like very much when people are on time, and I do try to make it a point to be punctual myself. It's amazing how we are so connected to time through our whole lives that it can actually trigger particular emotions. Only a limited amount of items can really do that. Almost all of them have to do with the five senses. Time affects the anxiety in all of us, whether it be low, happy, or excited; or stressed, depressed, upset.
Time can heal and time can destroy, but I think when we hope and work for the best we'll end up with the best. Eventually.

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