05 July 2015

The Reign of President Ishi Begins 半分おわた

Konnichiwa 😄
Mina wa genki? It's been a beautiful week in the Nagano Japan.
Full of Olympic history, lush mountains, and very kind people!
Monday our beloved President Yamashita completed his assignment as our
mission president. I am going to miss him and Sister Yamashita a lot!
I learned from his example, very strongly about the pure love of
Christ and dedicated discipleship. But President and Sister Ishi have
arrived and we are excited to meet them at Hello Conference tomorrow!
In Fukutoku! So far, everything is far in Nagano. Ha ha. とい
On Tuesday we met a less active member with a really cute nine year
old! The mom also made us scrumptious apricot jam. Apricots and Nagano
soba are currently in season. Yum! Other food ventures this week has
included tomato gelato, basil shrimp sushi, and Sister Papenfuss's
"inside out" chocolate chip cookies. :)
You can infer for yourselves which of those I enjoyed most thoroughly.
On Thursday we went housing and street contacting at the station for a
very very long time! All day, actually. Nagano station is very big and
quite the tourist destination so it was really fun to meet people from
a lot of different places in Japan. Some even from previous areas
Sister Papenfuss has been in. Hooray for referrals! While riding our
bikes a woman in bright green, pinstriped Aladdin pants jogged by and
from our "Konnichiwa!" came back with a high volume and friendly
"Hello!" We were blessed to end up running into her TWICE the next
day. She said she has some interest and questions about Christianity
(what?!) so she wants to meet when she comes back into town next week.
On Friday we went up with Haniura and Eri Shimai to see the famous
Nagano FIREFLIES! They we so stunning. What a cool creation! One of
them actually flew up and around us a few times, and then nestled
itself into my thanks-to-the-humidity very frizzy hair and sat for a
spell. Ha ha! Very cool way to get in touch with nature. We then when
to teach a FHE message and Hanuira Shimai's three-year-old
granddaughter (going on 13) played us a song on the piano, read us a
book about fireflies and discoursed us on the contents of her home.
Too much cute! かわいい
Saturday was INDEPENDENCE DAY!! Which no one celebrates here,
obviously. But Pappenfuss Shimai and I sported the RWB all day! Hooray
for America! We taught a lesson with a less active in the moutains by
this hidden waterfall. Yes, my life is too good to even be a
All Creatures of Our God and King are truly breathtaking! I felt the
spirit very strongly, the love Heavenly Father has for all He has
created. The trees praise God by singing with the wind, the waterfall
by rushing consistently down the cliffs. The mountains by standing
firm and obediently to each of God's commands. That's how we should be
too! As His beautiful creatures.
Love you all. Be happy, be safe, be missionaries! 頑張りましょう!
Sister Brewer

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