13 July 2015

Lovely Lake and Catchy Cuisine

We have just come down from Togakushi Mountain for a magical Party
Day! I mean...preparation day. *coughwink* we had an AMAZING hike to
Mirror Lake, then through the old ninja village, and through the cedar
forest up to this super historical Shinto shrine. It's been a
beautiful, spectacular day to say the least. きれいでしょう
On Tuesday we had Welcome-to-the-Mission Conference for President and
Sister Ishii. They are so fantastic! Of course. But truly, I am so
excited to work with them now. President Ishii says he wants to focus
on the missionaries having a good balance between spirituality and
fun; teaching and service. It'll be stellar time!
Wednesday we had such a good, full dendo day! Thank you for your
prayers, we really feel them. One of highlights was the lesson we had
with one of our long-time investigators. She is really great, but
isn't confident she's ready to be a member. We reviewed the baptismal
interview questions with her and were surprised to hear her bear
testimony about everything it asks about. It was such a special
moment! 祈ります
Thursday Papenfuss Shimai was sick. So we had to stay inside. It was
my first inside day ever and it drove me crazy! After the area book
was updated to death I wanted to go outside and get rejected in
Japanese so badly! Ha ha. We are very grateful for our health. Yay for
summer fevers! めんどくさい
Friday was Zone Training Meeting in Matsumoto. Always a good time! The
Zone Leaders are working really hard to try and make everything
better. お疲れ。
Saturday the highlight was visiting a member, one of the most radical
of people. Her house is full of cool old fashioned Japanese things and
she has a thousand stories to tell. Partway through her visit a man
comes in with this huge tray, the lunch she has ordered us. The are
the prettiest bento boxes you've ever seen. She says what it is, and
Papenfuss Shimai mutters, "I hope you're able to keep it down."
So I open the box, and low and behold, there are four, long EELS
laying across the rice.
I begin my seafood eating tactics immediately. いただきます。Start with the
largest one, use lots of rice, and swallow whole. This only gets me
through the first two, as I'm running out of rice. Next, I try to use
water. Effective at first, but also creates a sort of "swimming down
my throat" type of effect. I the resort to telling myself it's
chicken, but I prove not to be an excellent mental actress. Through
grace bestowed upon my tongue I finish the eels and turn to the
beautiful bowl of miso soup waiting for me on the side. I take a big
long sip of being proud of myself and wait, what's that I taste? Not
miso, that's for sure.
Eel liver soup.
I didn't even know eels HAD livers!!!
Love you! Have joyful days.
Mosiah 18:9 (^_^)

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