14 June 2015

Questions and Answers しつもんです

For the report today, here are some questions I have received from a lot of people!
And my that I mean...questions I was asked by myself and faithful letter-writing uncle.

What does your teaching pool look like? 
Currently our teaching pool is eight women we found by a wide variety of means: Housing, talking to them in parking lots, member referrals, back of the area book, and the occasional self-referral miracle. We are very blessed with investigators! Teaching is my very favorite part of missionary work. Here you get to see children of God realize that is what they are, and that is so beautiful! A few of them are what's called 30/30 investigators, meaning we teach them English for thirty minutes and a gospel lesson for the latter thirty. Depending on your definition of progress, typically investigators progress very slowly; there are willing to listen to what you have to say and sometimes even read the Book of Mormon. But, they will develop interest, ask questions, and keep commitments at their own pace, usually after a few month or years of being an investigator. I learn a lot from the people we teach. I have learned that each child of God truly has the light of Christ in them. They go about doing good and can recognize the spirit in their lives, because they feel it when they serve others, care for their family, decide not to go graffiti the junior high school with their friends, etcetra. 
What is typical for the number of people you work with at any given time? 
Well...our ward has about 600 members, 140 of which are active. And eight investigators. But people are usually not home when we visit. We teach about 13 lessons per week.

I have heard a great deal about people in Asia's desire to save face and make appointments and then not be there when the missionaries show up ( have you seen this?).
I actually have not seen this very much. A lot of people told me this
before my mission, but Japanese people are some of the most honest I
know. They will tell us rather simply if they have interest or not. I
have only been stood up three or so times.

What is the purpose of life?
The purpose of life is to fulfill our joyful potential given to us by
our Father in Heaven. We do that by learning of and following the
example of His son, Jesus Christ.

Love you all!
Sister Brewer

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