07 June 2015

Lights Up! 一かいだけ泣きました

Hello! So, serving in Okazaki and Kariya feels like playing two roles in a musical. In Scenes Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Act One I play the part of senior companion in Okazaki, trying to do things right and pretend I know how. In Kariya Act Two of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday I plan the part of beanchan trying to meet all these new people with the same names as everyone in Okazaki. Loving not having to read the map but feeling like I didn't read the script. Then the weekends where we may or may not go back and forth here times. Sometimes I cant even remember what costume to wear. But Heavenly Father the director and Jesus Christ our leading star pull it all together and make up for my weak notes and forgotten lines for a great show. We most certainly have a LOT of magic to do here in Japan. I love it! 
 I am enjoying many fun drinks in Japan: melon cream soda, salt and fruit kirin juice, and mostly water. Japanese people dont drink water. Only me; so confusing. Happy spiritual moment of the week:
We visited a sweet less active member in Kariya. She is only 19 but her parents and brother have passed away. She has definitely been through a lot of suffering and still is. I was very humbled to meet her, as she was cheerful and welcomed us into her home. I felt the the spirit testify how much Jesus Christ loves her. Jesus Christ loves her, and as His representative we need to show that love to her. I love her. I love my companions and each ward member and the investigators we are graced with and each child of God we meet on the street. I am eternally grateful for the missionary experience. It has changed me and I pray it continues to change me so I can do the work the Lord needs me too here and through my whole life. 
Receiving letters is awesome so tell me about something rad or crazy that happened to you recently. 
Be happy, be safe, be missionaries!
I looove you!
Sister Brewer

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