08 March 2015

It's like the Pumpkin Spice Rage, but...Japan

Because Starbucks is where you should find missionaries. 
We just had to try the six-dollar Sakura milkshake, you know?

This week we gained a NEW INVESTIGATOR! Hooray! I am so happy. She is an older woman who we met in the train station. She let us come over and teach the first lesson on Friday, and we were able to invite her daughter to listen as well! They had a lot of good questions about the apostasy and were intrigued by the Restoration. They committed to read the introduction of the Book of Mormon and pray to Heavenly Father. She even said, it was lucky fate that we met. This is a truly a miracle! I know Heavenly Father blessed us to be able to meet her. I am so excited to continue teaching her. I hope I can bring the spirit every time. 
Bishop Tsujioka has been doing a great job motivating the ward to do more missionary work. He has made sure everyone has a copy of "The Power of Everyday Missionaries" in their native language (Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, English...) and challenged everyone to read it. In Relief Society the President asked everyone to write down a date and time when they are available so she can make a "Member Dendo Calender" for us as a resource. We are truly blessed here in Okazaki with wonderful members. We will improve our efforts together. 

You heard it in Sunday School, Sacrament Meeting, Facebook, General Conference and every missionary e-mail ever. Missionary work is imperative and absolutely full of joy! I testify of the truthfulness of this and highly recommend the experience to all. Miracles truly come when we act consistently in faith. In Heavenly Father's timing, of course!

Love you, kind blog reader. Smile all week long! If you have any questions, ask them to me please!
Sister Brooklyn Brewer

さくら: Sakura
Those beautiful pink cherry blossoms you associate with Japan. They are beginning to sneaklily peak in nature and bombard everything that can be flavored. Cool pictures will happen soon! 

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