29 March 2015

Do Do, Do Do ひかり

Here is a photo of the sushi I devoured prior to gaining another kilogram. Kidding, they are not all mine. One is Sister Takaku's.
Hello from Nihon, land of the rising sun and miracles!
This week we are just going to lay down some stories, because this week was fantastically packed with them!
We visited one of our new investigators. We taught her about the Atonement. She is still a little hesitant on the whole Mormon thing, but she felt something special about Jesus, that was a cool moment. Then, without me even thinking about that direction, Sister Takaku just lays down the baptismal invite! (internal me: 'what? *panic* ohmygolly yes go go Takaku Shimai go go! Whoo!') Investigator didn't say yes, but she didn't say no. So she's thinking about it. So awesome!
That night as we were walking home we were just trying to chat with the interesting assortment of folk walking around at 8:45 p.m. and found a woman who agreed to meet with us again!  This is bad, but sometimes you kind of get stuck in the rut of 'kekko desu' (no thank you) and forget what to do after they say yes! You're like Ah! Where is planner what is Japanese do I have a phone number konnichiwa where is our church building what year is it?! But that moment is very excited and full of much hope. 
The next day we found this adorable young couple who said they would also meet with us! Man we were on investigator-finding fire! (as far as Japan goes).  But they had so much interest in our message and were like yeah sounds so great! So we prepared for them a marvelously thorough church tour and well-rehearsed Lesson of the Restoration for our appointment for which they did not show up and later blocked our phone number. HoOrAy!
*Sighs and moves onward via bicycle*
On Wednesday we had an Okonomiyaki/Takoyaki party with Sister Yamada and her friends! That was so delicious and Japanese!
Friday we stopped by the middle of the Stake Youth Conference. What a great time! I was surprised to discovered it pretty much looked exactly like a Youth Conference in Utah, except everyone was Japanese and they were having curry on rice instead of hot dogs. Our youth are so cool! And Sister Takaku got to see her convert from another ward, such a sweet moment. 
On Saturday we had a stake volleyball activity! That was so fun and embarrassing! *flashes back to high school days of attempting to participate in P.E.*
Earlier that day there was a Relief Society potluck, which is extremely delicious in Japan, just a warning. Sister Nukui brought one of her friends.  She said she really liked the environment of the church. Therefore, we invited her to come Sunday and she said YES! 
She came to church and during combined meeting we taught her the first lesson, and before we could get ten minutes in, she asked if she could be baptized. I shall repeat for our audience at home. She ASKED if she could be baptized into our church. While attempting to calmly mop up our hearts after they exploded with joy, we taught her the rest of the lesson. 
My darling associates, I testify that hard things are for learning from and answers come from prayers. Heavenly Father loves us.
Sister Brewer

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