08 February 2015

Typical Eternal Joy

You mean its Monday again already?! What? This transfer is seriously flying by faster that you can say nakerebanadimasen. Which actually takes me a while but I am getting faster! This week we had a great lesson with our investigator with an adorable 17-year-old who converted about three years ago. She also had the same experience, really wanting to be baptized but her mother is very much against the idea. Our investigator has great faith, and Karen's testimony really gave her the strength she needs to continue to read the Book of Mormon and pray every day, because I know when she does Heavenly Father will bless her faith by helping her be baptized! The point is, our members are incredible. Missionaries NEED the testimony of the members. Obviously missionaries are real people but...when an investigator hears from someone living the same kind of life in the same place in the same time, it has more of a personal effect and the Spirit can testify to them even stronger. I am so grateful for the willingness of these members to do missionary work, and I know and can feel how grateful Heavenly Father is too. 
On Friday Elder Butters, our district leader, gave us an awesome District Training Meeting on the Book of Mormon! I really admire his testimony of the Book of Mormon and how hard he has worked to really get to know the Book of Mormon, in order to love it thoroughly. Great meeting! 
 I am very grateful for the power of priesthood, and that we have Elders living worthy of it here in order to bless us and the work. I am really blessed to be surrounded by missionaries that are teaching me by example so much of what I want to become as a missionary. It is incredible and AWESOME. The blessing to grow is miraculous and wonderful. 
Continuing with our marvelous members, the Iwase family invited us and our investigator and her kids over for their Family Home Evening on Saturday. What a rockstar member missionary move! They served us amazingly delicious okonomiyaki after we had lots of fun playing with all the kids and balloons. Unfortunately our investigator's three-year-old began screaming as we were beginning lesson, so she decided to leave after 15 minutes of screaming. Poor thing. But she was really intrigued by the concept of FHE and is loving all the emphasis the gospel has on family. We have an appointment with her Tuesday and I think it will be really great! She is progressing slowly but really well!
Anyway, that day my Japanese was feeling especially insufficient. But after she left we asked to share our testimonies with the Iwase's family. My companion gave a beautiful one. As I testified of the importance of the Gospel in the home I felt the spirit so strong. I felt so grateful for Brother Iwase holding the priesthood and taking care of his family, for Sister Iwase building a spirit-filled home where her four children love reading the Book of Mormon. I hope they felt the spirit of the testimony I did. They are truly special people.
Those are some highlights from this week!  I could not be happier and more grateful to be out on this mission. Thank you and I LOVE YOU!!
If you want to be reminded how much Heavenly Father loves and cares for us this week, please read The Family: A Proclamation to the World. 
Love from Japan!
Sister Brooklyn Brewer

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