14 December 2014

"Did you fold you futon and turn off the toilet?

What?! It's another P-day already? It was long week but it went really fast!
This is a picture of us wait for the でんしゃ (train) at the えき (station).
This week we have been meeting with our 13-year-old investigator who is so ready to be baptized!! She has been taught everything and believes in God and Jesus Christ but she just doesn't think she is prepared to be baptized. We're like you are!! Hontoni!!! Also on Thursday Sugiyura Shimai came with us and gave a powerful testimony. The members are so important! We need their help to find, teach with, fellowship, support and befriend investigators and converts. They are doing a great job here in Okazaki! 

Yamada Shimai actually referred us to one of her friends this week! She is also a cute young mom. She is 30/30 investigator which means we do half teaching english and half gospel. They are so so so cute learning English together. She also seemed intrigued by the Book of Mormon and really interested so we'll see how the appointment goes in a couple hours!
Speaking of English I taught my first Eikaiwa class on Wednesday night. I love it! One of my favorite things so far. Japanese people study and work SO hard. Kodomo eikaiwa is still my favorite...because small Japanese children are so adorable singing Head Shoulders Knees and toes. Oh my cuteness. Lots of singing and high-fiving and coloring.
On Wednesday we had Mission Tour Conference! We caught the train at 7:03 a.m. (by the way train rides in Japan are one of my favorite things ever. Feels so urban すてき). Elder Ringwood from the 70 was our speaker. What an awesome conference! He taught us about the importance of giving our hearts to the Lord. It might be hard to do but I know that Heavenly Father really knows us and our lives and how He wants to bless us. He also wants to bless others THROUGH us, so when we listen to His counsel, we can have and perform the best life ever
Street contacting is kind of random because it goes something like this, "Pardon me beautiful Japanese woman, I know are walking very fast and are too busy for life, but 著といいですか? Thanks we believe in Jesus Christ and I know you have never even thought about the nature of God but hontoni He loves you can we come over sometime and tell you more (about the marvelous blessing that is this life and Jesus Christ)?" And if they understood your Japanese and are not actually Chinese then they will either say no thanks or "sure I'll just check out your website and call you when I have questions" (ha). BUuut on Saturday we actually found someone who wanted to meet with us! IT was this cute woman with an adorable baby and she was like "yeah all those sound like really great things let's meet!" And we were super genki all the rest of the day. I'm so excited to teach her.

This Gospel is true! Check out the Christmas video this week if you haven't already and spread a little Savior-inspired joy! The First Presidency Christmas Devotional is also fantastic. You can watch it anytime on LDS.org. I really liked the insights shared about Mary and Joseph. Have a wonderful week! Much love!

Sister Brewer

Learn Japanese with me!
すてき ~ su-te-ki 
Meaning: Fancy!

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