13 November 2014

Week Seven, We're in Heaven!

There's an attemptively artistic photo for you.
This week new kohai came in! Our first group of sisters as STLs! Whoo. They seem pretty cool and hopefully they will adjust well and love it here. I hope we can be good STLs. We are stiiiillll waiting for Barabosa Shimai's visa. Oh man. She goes to the Travel Office every day to ask about it. They don't have any answers for us...seems odd. I am honestly going to be really sad when she leaves our companionship. She has brought so much light and learning to my life. But I know Japan needs her and she wants to be there so so much! Our district iswonderful of course. I admire their courage and testimonies and I am blessed to have them shared with me. Missions are truly incredible! Also necessary, a blessing and a miracle. All the senior missionaries here are so sweet too. 

This week we had more wonderful devotionals and a really uplifting district lesson. The Atonement is REAL and an expression of love from Jesus Christ to all His father's children. The Atonement allows us to repent, which I always thought sounded a little scary and hard. But I have come to learn that repentance is for LEARNING. We are given the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ through the Book of Mormon, and when we make a mistake, we just need to let Heavenly Father know we did, we're sorry, and He will strengthen us, so we can learn and become marvelous people. He gave us incredible potential. Ether 12:27 testifies of the truthfulness of our potential to grow. Pretty cool, we can learn and grow our whole lives long! 
Much love to all you fellow children of God, have a happy week! Whatever is is, you can do it!
Sister Brooklyn Brewer

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