15 June 2014

I'm 18, of course I know everything.

Sometimes I go lovely places and marvel at a geographically different portion of the sky we live under. The trees are majestic and the mountains are big show offs and the air feels lighter. When the environment changes sometimes the thoughts get cleaner and deeper and extremely analytical. So I feel like I've learned another tiny piece about something  I want to be good at and am a long way from doing so. But I forgot my journal, so here's another 212 words into the sea of internet oblivion.
It's not about loving each other despite our weaknesses, it's about loving each other because of them. When they have a weakness and they're willing to show it to you, that is a rather high level of trust. They don't want the weakness, maybe they haven't even recognized it yet. But there is a good chance they are trying their best. With the trust, you have the opportunity to help them improve their character and yours by demonstrating patience, understanding, support. You are going to need it too, someday. When they have a weakness and can do good things and be happy anyway, you've chosen a good one. It always helps to have good things happen to them, however; there's another choice you can make. Don't regret your choices, what an unfortunate waste time that is. Recognize them as yours, recognize what you can't and shouldn't change. I find it in people's best interest to be happy. The person with the most power over one's happiness is himself. However, a very close second is that person they've chosen to share all of themselves with. You can make happy or you can exert contention. One is to no avail of your own happiness.
At least those are the thoughts. What do I know?

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