05 January 2014

New Year, New Mascara: Nearesos, Happy & Cheese

That's about as new as twenty-fourteen me gets, and that's my satirical slam on society for the day. I don't do New Year's Resolutions. I don't make them either. Now before you write me off as a snob hipster, which you're free and probably entitled to do, read my rant since you're already here and internet-wasting time.
First, Nearesos seem impulsive. There is ALL THE MUCH going on in November and December such as recovering from Halloween's awesomeness, deciding how you feel about Christmas music, eating too much, NaNoWriMo, pretending to study for finals, frantically "shopping" for gifts even though you're broke as a joke (thanks Kate) and have no idea what your family could possibly enjoy, working ridiculous hours, deciding how to make your one party dress look different at each party, contemplating on conforming to ugly sweater day, and then shifting into quality family time mode and magically getting along with everyone. So by the time you exhale, you have approximately 29 hours to decide on your Nearesos. The ones you'll be stuck with for a whole year! An entire year of way too hard work or disappointing guilt!
This is a rather drastic viewpoint. I'm happy for and inspired by Nearesos and especially those who work hard at theirs all year long. Truly, it's just all of us trying to become better people, which I'm a definite advocate for. I'm also a fan of active goal setting and execution. So if Nearesos work for you, AWESOMEAUCITY. Go you. * I'm cheering for you! * Did you see the pom-poms? I also just did a backflip. Did you miss it? Can't believe you blinked.
Okay, I did half-cave and make sort of a "To Do List" for the year because I'm super into lists and I like activities I've never done before. Pleeease comment if you have something radical to add to my list. I'd love it if you did. Life input is the best. And I'm sort of willing to almost try anything. Hit me with your best shot. The thing with the new year is it's made up of days just like today and all the days last year. Some sun, some shine, some night, some fright. It's your day, and each one has the power to be a good one. And that makes me happy.
Not that I'm old enough to be wise, but I have so far decided that being happy is a decision, not a result of a circumstance. Stupid, sucky, lame, tragic, heart-breaking, embarrassing, hurtful and frustrating occurrences occur. No one likes that. But if you know rough and tough on any level, you know happy. We need that opposition. I'm a strong believer in being anxiously engaged in a good cause. If we're taking care of the people and earth around us, we are at least doing one thing right. If we were supposed to make our own selves happy, I think we would be living here all by ourselves. People equal an opportunity to talk, express, serve, learn, love. People make me so happy. So thank you for being a part of the people, Patient Reader-Person. You make me smile.
Another thing that makes me smile is cheese. I have truly grown to love cheese a bit more every day. I like all the cheeses I have tried excluding cottage, American and blue. Cheese is simply one of those beautiful, scrumptious, versatile, guilt-ridden but completely satisfying life joys. My favorite kind of cheese is Havarti, and I can always go for some classic cheddar. There are probably way too many kinds I have not tried, but I'm totally willing. Come at me, cheeses. Cheese has been my favorite food for about eighteen years, five months and nine days now. I love cheese.
Too bad there's no "ignore call" button on lactose intolerance.

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