19 December 2013

So I Review Books Now?

I love writing about literature, and I did a bunch in junior high. HA HA. Junior High. Remember that? Take a moment. You okay? Now we're back. I finished this book right before my 2:00 AM toast today, and I just felt like it deserved a post. I've been amiably and aggressively encouraged to delve into each of John Green's novels for about three years now, so I finally began. An acquaintance of mine also said I look like the girl on the cover so I should start with this one. I don't really see it, but I suppose it's difficult to determine such a thing when you've never really seen yourself from an external source. This was actually just the only one my library had in.

Paper Towns by John Green is one of those enchanting, flutter-by novels with a delicious twist of humanity and realism. Margo Roth Spiegelman is that exciting, incredible force of nature every reader either wants to be or bang. She makes you want to pull out and elongate your bucket list or organize a flash mob or wear that stupid blue eyeshadow you think makes you all eclectic and cool. Like Stargirl or Ari Fuller or Luna Lovegood. The narration through Q (main character) is sweet, hilarious, and oh-so-relatable. For some reason it's so weird for me to read books about high school students now that I'm out of high school. It's like books mark my chronology in a way. I read them for so long and imagined how I wanted to be and probably would be in high school. Now I read it and it's like whoa, these people have no clue what's about to whack them. Ha ha. Paper Towns is a splendid and lazy read, but you won't want to miss a word. The whole thing probably took me a total of three hours to read. You'll find yourself in this book, or your Margo or your Q. My Q was a total parallel the entire way through, but then the last two pages occurred and BAM. He was a completely different person I know. Funny. Books are marvelous. Again, this book is rather fantastical, but brings a sad but beautiful reality that'll give you a good little pang in that heart. Also complete with an awesome Harry Potter reference on page 145.

Overall Grade:  A-
Disclaimers: This book does contain some adult language. There are also two brief allusions to sexual activity and inevitable, typical 17-year-old boy conversation. Nothing too major or worry-worthy.

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Shelby Saxton said...

Next, you have to read an Abundance of Kathrines. That is my favorite John Green book.