24 July 2013

A Tale of Two Brothers

"Phineas, when did you change your shirt?"

This was definitely one of the silliest, cheesiest, and most fun plays I've been in. I was such a little sophomore and felt so proud of my first "female romantic lead" when really I was they only one who actually wanted to do it. Ha ha! This was the cutest play written in part by one of my favorites, Carrie Finlinson, making light satire about our city of Murray and small quirks of our church.
It's a really sweet story that spins off of Shakespeare's "A Comedy of Errors." Phineas and Phineas were separated as infants when a tractor hit their tour bus, sending Dad and Phineas into Preston, Idaho and Mom and Phineas into good old Murray, Utah. The boys grow up, Mom and Phineas in the church, but he's having doubts because he's gotta maintain that Legend-In-His-Own-Mind Image. Phineas of Preston seeks out to find the rest of his family, meets the missionaries, finds his mother without realizing, accidentally kisses his twin brother's girlfriend, and even speaks at "cemetery" graduation. In the end we "don't stop believing" in eternal families and all the joy thereof.

I played Adrian, the super-smiles, student body president, seminary president, laurel president, goody-two shoes that tries to keep her Phineas in line. She was fun to play because I definitely wasn't a great actress at this point, but it's alright, because the whole show was pretty corny, like me. But still so great. The Teal Buchi was a great co-star. He'd never acted before, but every girl's going to have a first-sight crush on him and adore his awesome personality. He taught me how to hold hands for our big scene, because I had never done such a scandalous thing! Kudos to Teal for puttin up with me. I gained some wonderful friends during this show. I can honestly say it's one of my favorites of all time, because despite whatever silly showtune rewrite we were singing (such as: "I'm Gonna Wash Girl's Camp Outta My Hair" and "Sew-A-Little, Love-A-Little"), we always felt the spirit because we all believed in the theme and message we were giving to our audience- the love of the  Gospel. You can even watch a scene or two of this show here!

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One of my favorites too... :)