15 December 2011

Wood's Words of Wisdom

  • "If you can explain it, it's something other than love."
  • "That will be the time I will mentally give birth to 55 puppies."
  • "Is it a bribe or a gift?"
  • "Ah, such a splendid little war."
  • "No. White chocolate doesn't exist."
  • "Brooklyn, people like you laugh at a joke three times. Once when I tell it, again when everybody else gets it, and once more when you get it four years later."
  • "My birthday is Octujocember 38th. In other words, none of your nosy business!"
  • "I am always so happy when I'm not the most OCD person in the room."
  • "If at first you don't succeed, just be a bad example."

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