08 April 2009


Snollygoster! What a fantastic word! Isn't it amazing?! And here comes the very best part. . . . It's a REAL WORD! Oh yeah, you read correctly! Snollygoster is most certainly a real wonderful word. So, what in the word does it mean? Guess! Guess! Please, go ahead and guess! (keep 'em guessin, right?) AnYwAy, now that you have all mentally submitted your hypothesises, I will reveal the answer! If you guess that snollygoster is a Russian type of stiletto heel, you are absolutely wrong! Haha sorry, and it's not a British expression meaning "Oh My!" either. Snollygoster is first of all, a noun, and is defined as a person who cannot or should not be trusted! People would display me as a snollygoster with sharp objects, graceful dancing, and probably kerosene (Tehe Zach). So. . . CONGRATULATIONS! You have learned something new this day just by coming to Random Thoughts Emporium! Way to bee! Keep on buzzing! Okay! Now turn off the computer and do something adventurous and fun! Or comment, that's good too.


moo! said...

I love that word!
P.S. Great job today! You're an amazing dancer!

L.Y.M.I. said...

that is a very interesting word

Emily said...

haha thats funny brooklyn! p.s. how do you get the rating thing at the bottom of each post?